Twin of Brothers episode 13 recap

Raymond begged the doctor to treat Ron. Raymond asked the doctor to trust him and Ron keeping the manuel. The doctor told Raymond he can’t cure Ron but he can. Raymond fainted after generating energy for Ron. Li Qian open the cover and stared at Raymond. Li Qian cried and told Raymond although he’s always talkative but he’s a good person. Raymond and Ron wake up. The doctor burned the carpet. Yvonne arrived with Nancy and asked the doctor to come out of his cave. The doctor meets Yvonne and said she’s still looks beautiful after twenty years. Yvonne grabbed Li Qian and demanded Raymond and his friends telling where the manuel. Leila saved Li Qian. The doctor has a duel with Yvonne. Yvonne got injured. Raymond took Li Qian to watch the stars. Li Qian stepped on a skull and screamed. Leila told Ron they are good friends and she hopes he doesn’t persist being with her. Nancy asked Ron if Leila didn’t appear, would she have a chance. Raymond and Ron generates energy for the doctor. The doctor gave Raymond a sword. The doctor gave Ron a chess piece. He gave both of them a manuel. Leila praises Li Qian of the food she cooked. The doctor hid in the farm and saw a beautiful lady patting her horse. When the girl rode the horse, it went out of control. The doctor threw a rock to control the horse. The doctor gave a pin to his daughter. She asked him not to visit her farm again. The doctor’s daughter couldn’t control the horse, and a man held her.



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