Cake Empress episode 19 recap (End)

As the consort about to tell Esther who’s the rebel, the majesty arrived. The majesty rehearse a song in front of Esther. The consort said the song was made up by her brother. Esther admits to the majesty she faked pregnancy but it was to prevent bad guys from taking his post. The queen’s maid showed Esther and the majesty the execution letter of the girl’s family. The general’s bodyguard stole the consort’s carriage. The majesty’s bodyguard fought with the general’s bodyguard and took Esther’s son. The maid told Esther that though the queen resembles her, he is still faithful to her. The majesty’s bodyguard deals with the general to spare the girl. Roger and the queen listened to the song that Esther is faking pregnancy. The queen returns to the palace and thought of her sad and lonely days. Roger has a dream of Esther being pregnant with the majesty. Esther and the maid visited Roger. The majesty’s bodyguard bowed in front of the girl and said he just wants her to leave peacefully. It’s not easy to kill the general so he exchanged the general’s son for her life. The girl sighed and said she regret knowing the general. The girl opened the house and saw the general’s bodyguard. At the court, the general’s guards demanded the majesty to give up his throne. The general read the edict from the previous emperor of giving the throne to the general’s son if the majesty failed his task. The officials bowed to the general’s son. The general brought the girl being tied up and said she and the majesty collaborated with Esther faking pregnancy. The previous’s majesty friend arrived. The previous’s majesty’s friend read the letter that the general faked the edict of executing the girl’s family. Esther arrived. The consort arrived. Esther asked the officials why do they let the general’s son become the majesty. Esther told the officials if they disobey the general, he will send a fake edict and execute them all.As the general asked his bodyguard to kill the majesty, the majesty’s bodyguard killed the general’s bodyguard and untied the girl. The majesty ordered the bodyguard to arrest the general. The bodyguard pushed his sword toward himself. The girl hugged the bodyguard and cried. Esther and the girl walked on the street and saw the queen and the maid making crepe in the stall. Esther and the queen confront each other that they are the crepe maker.


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