HK-Korean Drama Expression

Hey Arnold! Family Man

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Mr. Huynh is picking a new head chef who is a family man. Mr. Huynh is worried Rockwell, a chef who can’t make a taco will be promoted to the head chef. Mr. Huynh would like to be a head chef but afraid of losing the position because he only has his daughter May as his family. Oscar photoshopped his roomates in a family picture for Mr. Huynh so he can get free tacos when he becomes the head chef. Oscar tucked in the photo in Mr. Huynh’s pocket. Mr. Huynh’s boss looked at the family picture, Mr. Huynh said Arnold’s father is his father and Oscar’s wife is his wife. Mr. Huynh and his friends organized the house and let out the dogs and cats. Mr. Huynh’s boss ate with Mr. Huynh and his friends, he told him that Arnold doesn’t resemble him. Mr. Huynh responded that Arnold has his granda’s gene. Mr. Huynh’s boss asked Mr. Huynh “But I thought you said he adopted you?” Mr. Huynh said the more time Arnold spends with his grandpa, the more he looks like him. Oscar’s wife told Mr. Huynh’s boss that Arnold introduced her and her husband. Mr.Huynh’s boss “Arnold but he is your son?”. Mr. Huynh said it was a different Arnold. Mr. Huynh’s boss asked Mr. Huynh why does he keep on calling Arnold’s grandpa “Grandpa”. Arnold’s grandma came and dressed as the queen. Mr. Huynh confessed that they are not his family and he lied so he can be the head chef. Mr. Huynh is thinking of firing Mr. Huynh. Arnold explained to Mr. Huynh’s boss that they are not blood related but they treat each other like a family. Mr. Huynh’s boss changed his perspective that Arnold’s family care for each other as family and let Mr. Huynh be the new head chef.







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