Love Bond episode 5 recap

Bernice brought chocolate without sugar to the granny. Bernice saw Fred playing at the arcade instead of being in school. Kenix said Fred’s text messages is over the limit. Frend pretends to sell his shoes and phone in front of his father. Kenix’s father is willing to pay the bill for Fred. Oscar and Mose sell his cup to Kenix. Oscar and Mose lower their prices and Kenix bought the cup from Oscar for a cheap price. At the coffee shop, Oscar accidentally pour the coffee on Stephen. Mose pushed Oscar and dropped his cup. Mose fought with Oscar. Michael arrived and took Oscar out. Mose refuse his friend’s offer of selling fake cups. Kenix put ice on Mose’s arm and it reminded him of his mother. Mose asked Kenix to hire Stephen. Michael cooked Mose favorite food. Michael delivered flowers for Kenix. Kenix told Michael she found the robot. The store owner told Michael and Kneix that the robot had been sold to another customer. Mose peeked at the paining in Oscar’s house and thought about his father used to draw the same painting. Mose saw the clerk called Oscar by his name and found out he’s his brother. Mose and Michael thought about his father told him that the painting represents the warm of their family. Flashbacks of Michael accidentally broke Mose’s robot. Mose cried and Michael slapped him. Michael and his father and his family packed their stuff and moved out. Mose went out for a while to fix his robot and saw the truck left and cried. Mose’s foster mother found Mose and thought he was an illegal immigrants so she nurtured him. Michael and his father posted flyers of Mose. Michael hopes to find the robot to repay for his brother. Michael saw Mose kicked the ball. Michael dribbled the ball and recognized Mose as his lost brother.



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