HK-Korean Drama Expression

Come on Cousin episode 6 recap

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Jing Man got sausage mouth. Jing Man stayed in Vivienne’s massage parlor. Jing Man and Kwok Bo came to take Jing Man home. Jing Man’s mother told Joey that Joi Yeh looks like a beggaer. As Vivienne fights with Jing Man’s mother. Joi Yeh put on the glasses for Joey. Jing Man told her mother she wants to stay in the massage parlor and she asked her to leave her alone. Jing Man’s mother saw Jing Man’s sadness and decided to let her be independent. Joi Yeh gave Jing Man a novel. Jing Man greets the priest. Jing Man choked, the priest helped her. Jing Man’s mother mistaken him of seducing Jing Man. Mr. Bing sent an invitation to Jing Man’s mother. The priest sent Joi Yeh an invitation to his church. The triad came to Joi Yeh’s house demanding for Lam Suet. Lam Suet’s parents faked death. Choi Yeh gave Lam Suet some money to repay her gambling debt. Yau Tin and Lam Suet run from the triad and faked death. Yau Tin stared at Lam Suet wiped up his face. Lam Suet saw Mario work out with Yau Tin’s mother and she screamed. Mario denied Lam Suet being his girlfriend. Mario doesn’t want to dump the pretty Lam Suet but also don’t want to lose his fortune of Yau Tin’s mother. Mario pretends to cry and told Lam Suet that Yau Tin’s mother molested him but he wants to stay with her to earn more money. Lam Suet gave Mario a thousand dollars. Yau Tin asked his mother for some money so he can court Lam Suet. The priest gave Lam Suet a ticket to the showbiz. Lam Suet arrived at the record company and met the triad.


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