Social Media is a gift for Shy Introvert bloggers?

You know how watching asian dramas is somewhat is an escapism from the real world. Some prefers dramas that divert from reality and some can relate to dramas that are closer to reality. I’ve heard from some of my blogger buddies that they have a problem of being shy in real life. Some don’t have any friends in real life and only online friends. Some hates the real world and have trouble interacting with people in real life so they comment a lot on other blogs to make friends. Is the social media a platform to make shy bloggers confident online?

Unfortunately I’m both talkative and chatty in real life and online but I have a drama addiction problem which I’m trying to refrain going online too much.

For me, dramas sometimes can’t help me escape from real life but music and my friends does help me. Sometimes food and drinks can cheer me up.

My question is do you blog and watch dramas to escape from real life and are you guys an introvert?


3 thoughts on “Social Media is a gift for Shy Introvert bloggers?

  1. Definitely not an introvert, lol.

    I just found out that I really enjoy watching Thriller dramas.
    only watching dramas for the laughs, thrills & storyline I guess?

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