Twin of Brothers episode 14 recap

Li Qian brother saved the doctor’s daughter. Li Qian’s leg twisted. Raymond piggyback Li Qian. Raymond sewed the boot for Li Qian. Raymond asked Li Qian if he ever consider liking him. Li Qian slept with the boot. Ron and Leila play chess together and think about their next move. The doctor stared at the doll which he want to give his daughter for her birthday. Li Qian’s brother put on medicine for the doctor’s daughter. Li Qian’s help the doctor’s daughter controlling the horse. Li Qian’s brother told the doctor’s brother that her father gave him the medicine to treat her. Li Qian’s brother and the doctor’s daughter brother looked at the sculptures and smiled. Raymond told the doctor’s daughter that those sculpture were made by her father. Li Qian told the doctor’s daughter that her father caught some fruits for her. The doctor’s daughter drank her father’s wine and called him father. Li Qian told Raymond a story about a dopey guy who saw the moon on the river and jump on it. Raymond thought of an idea of using illusion to fight their enemies. Raymond and Ron practice martial art on the water. Ron and Leila closed their eyes sitting by the sea thinking of a move to defeat Yvonne. Yvonne has a duel with the doctor. Derek asked the injured doctor where’s the carpet. Yvonne went back to the cave and generates energy for the doctor and asked him where’s the carpet. Raymond and Ron fought with Derek in he mask and injured him. Raymond and Ron chased Derek. Derek took off the mask and told Raymond that a masked guy injured him. Raymond and Ron found the doctor death and did a funeral for him. Leila told the doctor’s daughter she hopes that the secret of the carpet will never be reveal to prevent conflicts.




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