Love Bond episode 6 recap

Michael asked Mose about his real name. Michael told Kenix he thinks Mose is his lost brother. Michael wait for Mose and came up to him and told him he is his brother. Mose asked Michael to leave him alone. Mose watch the robot. Stephen console Mose. Kenix encourages Michael to persist persuading Mose. Bernice brings some dried fruits for the granny. The granny’s son stole the granny’s money. Bernice grabbed the granny’s son. Bernice and Mose find a funeral place for the granny. Mose visited his parents grave. Michael looked at Mose putting flowers by his parent’s box. Michael asked Mose to return home with him. Michael told Mose he kept his robot and hope someday he will return it to him. Mose asked Michael if he knows how uncomfortable he feels when he saw others have parents. He thought it would be futile if he comes back home since they left him. Mose told Michael they have their own life now. Kenix celebrates her tea shop grand opening. Kenix’s father placed a golden Japanese cat on Kenix’s store. Kenix made flower tea for her father. Michael asked Mose to eat dinner with him celebrating their father anniversary. Mose bought a box of crackers to bring to dinner since the basket of fruits is too expensive. Mose arrived at Michael’s home. Michael introduced Mose to their brothers as their missing brother. Michael brought abalones and other meals out. Michael’s sibblings picked on Mose that he didn’t go to college and he rarely get to eat abalones. Mose told Oscar that that not everyone is lucky like him. Oscar called Mose a hypocrite and no wonder Michael doesn’t know about his background. Mose madly left.



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