End of the Year Review

This year I’ve skipped so many series. I doubted if I should write an end of the year review since most dramas aren’t up to my liking but here we go.


Gilded Chopsticks: My favorite series for this year but still cliche. Thought Ben didn’t have enough charisma to be the lead but he fits the role of Yongzheng.

Rear Mirror: A family series despite I’m not interested in the family conflict. Good casts and acting.

Swipe Tap Love: Loved Priscilla Wong, I feel comfortable watching her here and Reality Check. The series also have classic songs and a cute poodle. Recommended if you enjoy romance dramas.


All that Bitter is Sweet: Draggy plot despite I like the casts.

Line Walker: Camera angle is a bit off. Cliche storyline but worth a watch. I mostly skimmed this series and watched this series for Kobe and the undercover stories.


Come on Cousin: This was a big disapointnment. Love Inbound Troubles. Gotta remember not to have expectation for sequel of a well liked series.

Lady Sour: Good casts but weak plot. They put newbies as leads which made Him has major screentime but his character is so wooden.

Other Series I’ve watched:

The Ultimate Addiction: Love Bosco but the plot in the second half is ridiculous and the costumes and make up need major makeover.

I skipped the rest of the series this year cause the casts and story isn’t my cup of tea.

Twin of Brothers episode 25 recap

Leila’s master fought with Savio fighting for Leila. Leila got crazy and fainted. Leila’s maser wants to eliminate Leila’s martial art cause she inherit the dark martial art from Savio. Leila’s master told the monk that her mother gave Leila to her to turn her into a good girl. Leila is the strongest of her disciples. Ron asked Leila’s master to give Leila a chance. Leila woke up and beg her master to let her use her good power to fight her evil power. Raymond visits one of his girl friend. Raymond’s girl friend asked her uncle to help Raymond go to war. Raymond told Li Qian she blabs too much. Li Qian got mad and got out of the horse carriage. Raymond and his girl friend visits the camp. Raymond showed his war map to Li Qian. Savio stood in front of the temple and wants to visit Leila. Leila punched Savio and said his daughter is already dead after he killed her mother. Savio laughed and left. Leila ran in the temple and feels heartbroken seeing her father leaving her. Ron held Leila’s hands and said he will always be besides her. Raymond’s girl friend’s uncle ordered Raymond to go to war against Wilson. Raymond fought against Wilson and won. The doctor’s daughter drinks with Raymond. The doctor’s daughter asked Raymond to give her three days to persuade Wilson to surrender. Raymond knows that the doctor’s daughter wants to stall time until the soldiers arrive. Raymond plans to stop Wilson’s soldiers to come. Tavia and Master Cha Siu leads the troop to go to war with Raymond.


Tips on Promoting Wuxia

Promoting Wuxia is tougher than promoting asian dramas since Wuxia is getting phased out. 90s were the era of Wuxia. Here are some tips in promoting Wuxia. These may also works for other asian dramas too.

1. Make friends with other asian drama bloggers whether Korean, Japanese, or Taiwanese drama bloggers, it will help them expand their horizon and be aware of Wuxia genre. Example is OCKOALA translate some Wuxia novels and blog about kdramas.

2. Blog about some popular Wuxia movies such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragons, House of Flying Daggers, or Curse of Golden Flowers. It is a plus that House of Flying Daggers have Andy Lau, Curse of Golden Flowers has Jay Chou. This is also a good tip to promote kdramas by promoting popular Korean Movies in America.

3. Blog about 90s Wuxia Series since 90s were the Wuxia Eras where Wuxia was popular. This is tricky cause you have to blog about Wuxia that you think Americans will enjoy. On the other note, promote Wuxia Series that have Hollywood actors Andy Lau, Tony Leung,Fan Bing Bing Same for Korean Dramas. A good tip for promoting Korean Dramas is promoting those series has famous singer such as series that star pop singer Rain Bi. Kdrama Partner has the third runner up in Miss Universe Honey Lee.

4. Create mvs of Wuxia.

5. Fansubbing or dub Wuxia Series in in different languages. It does help when there’s more availability of languages.

6. Bu Bu Jing Xing and Lan Ling Wang are some of the popular Wuxia Series. You can promote those big hit Wuxia Series. Same with Korean Dramas.

7. Write Historical Contexts of China in Wuxia Series for fans to understand the series better. Wuxia has archaic language and hard to understand dialogues. It does help explaining about sects like how Wuxiaedge explains some terms. This goes along with promoting historical dramas or series based on legends.

8. Write a fanfiction about Wuxia.

9. Promote Wuxia Series that have foreign actors such as My Bratty Princess has Jang Nara.

10. Show Wuxia Series to your American friends.

11. Cook some food shown in Wuxia Series.

Favorite Boba Tea Places near Dallas, Texas

I love drinking Jasmine Milk Tea. Only a few places in Dallas, Texas which managed to make me good Jasmine Milk Tea. Seriously at times I’m cranky during bad times and even more after tasting bad Jasmine Milk tea but here are my favorite Boba Tea places that makes good Jasmine Milk Tea.

I like the service of Fat Straws and Bobaland the best. Fat Straws has the best Classics but here are some places I go for Jasmine Milk Tea.

Those are:

1. Bobaland: I love their Jasmine Tea Sea Cream. You guys should also try the Red Galaxy and Panda Milk Tea. It is situated next to the Mongolian Hot Pot which is a plus.

2. QQ Tea House: Location is kinda narrow but their Jasmine Green Milk Tea is good. Their classics are not bad.

3. Fruitealicious: I don’t often come there since it is kinda far away but I’m impressed with their Jasmine Green Tea. Their chai tea are also good.

I usually ordered their Jasmine Milk Tea but they also have god selection of other milk teas.

Twin of Brothers episode 23 and 24 recap

The master told Tavia he was afraid Raymond would steal her so he poisoned him. Tavia left the master. Li Qian told Raymond she knows that the poison didn’t affect him but what Tavia said hurt him. During dinner, the princes suggest Tavia to annul the engagement with the master. Li Qian asked Raymond to apologize to Tavia. Tavia and her maid went to the master’s house and didn’t see him. The servant kneel in front of Tavia and said he was the one who put the poison in the drink but Raymond initially drink it. The master’s servant gave Tavia the divorce letter. The master’s servant told Tavia his master will give her all his wealth. Li Qian told Tavia that Raymond truly loves her and she shouldn’t blame Raymond. Li Qian told Tavia that she helped Raymond making the villa for her. Tavia got mad and pushed the villa and said if Raymond truly wants to give to her, he should have done it himself. Tavia gave the ring to Li Qian and asked her to return it to Raymond. Tavia told her maid she was harsh on Raymond because she knows that Li Qian cares about Raymond more than her. Li Qian can risk her life for Raymond. Tavia said she finally understand the master’s love for her and can’t leave him. Tavia believes that the master will truly love her but not sure how Raymond will react when he finds out Li Qian loves him. Raymond ate dinner and wants to success go to war to prove to Tavia she’s wrong for not choosing him. Yvonne asked Savio if she doesn’t have any feelings for her. She’s been waiting for him for twenty years. Savio fought with Leila. While Savio fought with Ron, Nancy asked Savio not to fight with Ron. Ron couldn’t control himself and grabbed Leila. Leila played the flute and it calmed Ron. Savio asked Leila to play the flute again. Savio listen to the flute and feels better. Savio told Leila it reminds him of his deceased wife. Savio told Leila he stayed with Nancy but feels so estranged. Savio asked Leila to give him his flute. Savio said his wife used to have that flute and whenever he sees it, it reminds him for his wife. Leila told Ron she finally understand why the previous sect leader loves Savio. Ron said cause Savio truly loves her. Raymond goes to war on the day Tavia marrying the master. Raymond fought with the soldiers and told Li Qian he will get the seal to give it to Tavia as her wedding present. Raymond’s captain gave Tavia a wedding present. Tavia told the master she believes he can bring her happiness more than Raymond. Li Qian told Raymond that when he was at far, he couldn’t control himself and wanted to kill the general of the other sides, so the captain stopped him. Raymond ate crab with Li Qian. Raymond saw Li Qian’s hands all swollen. Li Qian fainted. Raymond was about to kiss her. The captain asked Li Qian to leave under Raymond’s order. The captain told Raymond he understands he wants Li Qian to leave to have more choices of choosing the right guy. Li Qian argued with Raymond and joked with him. Savio’s sect reunites with Yvonne’s sect. Nancy peeked on Savio. Derek grabbed Nancy away. Derek suspects that Nancy isn’t Savio’s daugther. Derek deals with Nancy to kill Savio’s favorite disciple. Ron fought with Derek. Savio punched Leila. Leila told Savio she wants to help him to turn good. Leila took Savio to the temple. As Leila asked Savio to destroy the diamond, Derek barge in and fought with her. Ron fought with Nancy. The flute broke. Leila picked up the flute and read hte poem on it that she is Savio’s daughter. Leila and Savio asked Leila’s master if she is his daughter. Savio came up to Yvonne and asked her why there’s a poem in the flute. Savio held the diamond toward Nancy and found out that Nancy doesn’t possess the power of the diamond whichmeans she isn’t his daughter. Savio uses the power on Leila and it worked on her which means she is his daughter.




Love Bond episode 8 recap

Michael cooked sour chicken soup for Kenix. Bernice teased Kenix pretending to be sick to be with Michael. A security guard accused Mose of breaking the landlord’s flower vase. The landlord gives Mose two weeks to compensate the vase. Mose left. Fred put bandage on his hands and told his father he accidentally bumped into a vase when playing with his ball. Fred’s father took the blame for Fred and asked Mose to buy a new vase. Mose let the landlord nitpick on him while he place the vase. Mose let Stephen sleepover in his house. Natalie saw Stephen sleeping and thought he molested her. She screamed and hit him. Michael’s siblings complained that Mose brought Stephen to sleepover. Oscar called Emdond that he’s opening a family gathering tonight but don’t want Moses to attend. Michael’s siblings told Michael they don’t feel comfortable having Stephen staying with them. Kenix told Michael and his family she has an idea to let Stephen sleeps in her tea shop. Kenix invited Mose for dinner. Michael invited his sibblings for dinner. Mose complained to Kenix that she keeps on changing her mind about going to the restaurant, which means she wants him to go home eating dinner with his family. Kenix took Mose home to dine with his family. Mose told his siblings he can fix their furnitures. Michael told Mose he’s the most well behaved out of his siblings. Michael showed a box of photos and exam score to Mose. Mose held his robot. Mose thanked Michael and called him brother. Kenix invited Michael for a movie. A customer argued with the landlord for paying the house rent, and the landlord. accidentally hit Kenix’s father’s head. Michael lend his jacket to Kenix. Michael saw Anne in a taxi. Anne came to the hospital with Michael to visit her grandma who fainted from a heart attack. Kenix saw Michael embracing Anne while she cries.


Wuxia fans generation

Let’s take a deep look at how Wuxia has changed.

There are many different types of Wuxia Series. I grew up watching lots of ATV, Taiwanese, and TVB Wuxia Series. I basically grew up with TVB and Wuxia Series but not from Mainland ones.

I’m one of those Wuxia fans who enjoy watching and rewatching old Wuxia Series because of the strong script and plot and avoid those with overdose of CGI.

I’ve noticed that there are many type of Wuxia fans. Those that prefers the 80s and 90s Wuxia Series and have watched plenty of Fantasy Wuxia Series. The new generation fans who grew up watching Tangren Series starring Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi.

Usually those that grew up with lots of Wuxia Series wouldn’t enjoy those idol remakes of Mainland Dramas. The 80s and 90s were those times were lots of production made Wuxia. Singapore, Taiwanese, TVB, ATV, and China all made Wuxia Series back in the 90s. Fans who grew up with Wuxia Series in the 80s and 90s has plenty of available Wuxia Series to watch unsubbed.

State of Divinity 96, Demi God and Semi Devil 96, Chu Liu Xian 1984 are Wuxia fans all time favorite Wuxia Series.

Now it’s the new generation of Wuxia where most of the Wuxia Series that are eng subbed are the fantasy ones. Those who grew up watching Wuxia Series wouldn’t like those Mainland remakes because we are not really onto Mainland Dramas and we’ve watched too many version of Jin Yong Series so we find that those new remakes don’t follow the novels well enough. The new generation fans grew up with advance tech series so they enjoy fantasy and rpg series. It depends on what era you grew up with.

Swordman 2013 is a disgrace for Wuxia fans cause it ruined the plot of the novel and the series has overdose of CGI which makes it looks like video games instead of pure Wuxia But new generation fans loved Swordman 2013 because they don’t care if it follows the novel as long as they enjoy the series.

Yeah you can say Wuxia is extinct because the remakes are not as accurate as the 80s and the 90s version of Wuxia novels. TVB, Taiwanese, ATV, and Singapore don’t make Wuxia anymore. Only Mainland do Wuxia now but some are not onto Mainland Series. We are fans of Wuxia but not fans of Mainland Dramas.

So there are two type of Wuxia fans, those that grew up watching lots of Classic Wuxia Series and those that grew up with RPG Fantasy Series. Our taste differs in Wuxia.

Lady Sour episode 6 recap

Him told his granny he was fine eating the pineapple for the second time so he believes it didn’t cause him the allergy. Myolie complains to her mother that everytime she is in trouble with Him’s family, Elisa appears out of nowhere. Myolie and her mother stared at Ron and thought of marrying Elisa off to him. Myolie and Ron pretends to care for each other to get Him and Elisa’s attention. Myolie asked Ron what does he thinks of Elisa. Myolie pretends to faint so Ron can fly the kite with Elisa. Him’s father told Jade Leung he’s been waiting for her. Some thieves put powders on Him’s father vinegars. People itch their skin. Ron saw Myolie chopping and freaked out about his past childhood seeing her chopping someone. The constable saw a doll with his name on it and blames it on Myolie’s mother. Ron has a nightmare of Gigi choppping a man. Alice brought food for Him’s father in the cellar. Alice tipped the guard to treat Him’s father well. Myolie’s mother asked Ron to turn himself in for putting powder on Him’s father vinegars. Ron said it was so smokey when he sneaked in and put the good luck sign on the jar. A guard found charcoal by the jar. Myolie opened the jar and saw it boiled with eels. Myolie remembered Uncle Kau was on the shift last night. Myolie saw Uncle Kau got beaten up by some men. Myolie asked Uncle Kau to come to the court and tell the culprit. Uncle Kau gave Myolie a letter with a seal of a magistrate. Myolie showed Ron a receipt of making a seal. Myolie wiped Ron’s eye. Uncle Kau pointed that Derek was the one who ordered him. Him’s father reopened his vinegar business. Him’s father asked Derek to try his vinegar. Jade apologized to Myolie’s mother for using her money to pay the debt.


Madam White Snake episode 2001 episode 2 recap

The green snake beat up some soldiers and stole the pack of silvers. Jun Bao returned the silvers to a store owner. The white snake took Xu Xian to his servant. Jun Bao got arrested and tortured for stealing silvers from the officials. The white snake walked in the deserted house and saw lots of dead soldiers. The white snake fought with the green snake and demanded the soul of the gods. The white snakes freed the gods. Xu Xian ate grasses. Xu Xian’s servant begged the guards to give him money to cure Xu Xian’s illness. Xu Xian’s maid told the guard he ruined Xu Xian’s life by causing him to be addicted to gambling and lose his asset. The white snake put the soul back on Xu Xian. Xu Xian’s servant’s wife yelled at Xu Xian on keep on harrassing her husbad. Xu Xian’s servant yelled at his wife for yelling at Xu Xian. Xu Xian’s wife kicked Xu Xian out of his house. The White Snake paid the food for Xu Xian. Xu Xian wants to live in the White Snake’s house. The white Snake claimed she’s daughter of a minister and ran away from home due to arranged marriage. The white Snake asked Xu Xian for a house to stay. The white snake hypnotized a landlord to lend the house for Xu Xian. The green snake seduced the the white snake’s father which is a magistrate. The green snake said her parents died. She only has one brother but he got framed for stealing silvers from the official. The magistrate asked the guard to release Jun Bao. Xu Xian pretends to be injured told the white snake that someone stole and silver on the street. The green snake stared intimately at Jun Bao.


Madam White Snake 2001 episode 1 recap

The White Snake (Fann Wong) hang around on earth. Xu Xian (Christopher Lee) jumps in the stream. The servant tried to persuaded Xu Xian not to suicide. Junbao (Vincent Jiao) does a cpr for Xu Xian. Xu Xian told his servant he just wanted to wash his feet. Junbaotold Xu Xian there’s nothing wrong with him calling him master. Xu Xu Xian asked the monk not to bug in their business. Xu Xian tries to fight with Junbao but fell down. The white snake stared at the monk infatuately. The landlord wants to recruit Xu Xian’s house. He gives him one more day to pack his stuff. Jun Bao walks around selling stuff. The White Snake asked Jun Bao to tell a wish. The White Snake said she tied up the elderly god and asked him why does heaven punish her going to the earth for so long. Jun Bao called the white snake a slut. The white snake turns in her original self, Jun Bao fainted. During the Mid Autumn Festivals, Xu Xian and his servant stared at the green snake playing the harp. At the brothel, Xu Xian asked the green snake to help him, he lost all his money and stuff on the way from his hometown. He needs one hundred thousand taels. The green snake flirted and showed him a cheque of one thousand taels. Xu Xian snatched the cheque. The cheque flew away. The green snake steps on it. The green snake returns the cheque with a condition he sleeps in the haunted house for one night. Xu Xian entered the haunted house. Some men fought with Xu Xian. The green snake turned into her normal self and killed those men. She said those men fell for her but he didn’t fall for her. The white snake claimed that her father is deaf and the restaurant owner. The white snake stared at Jun Bao eating buns at the restaurant. She created a few assassins fighting with her. Jun Bao rescued the white snake. The white snake said her father left the robbers but the assassins keep on chasing him. The whine snake showed Jun Bao some silvers and claimed it was stolen from her father. The whine snake saw the green snake and they fought with each other. Xu Xian grabbed the white snake leg. The white snake turned Xu Xian into his turtle self. The elderly god told the white snake that Jun Bao is in danger.