Love Bond episode 7 recap

Michael yelled at his siblings for picking on Mose. Kenix told Mose she can tell Michael really cares for him. Mose defend Kenix in front of her friend whom nitpicked on her. Kenix wiped Mose’s face and it reminded him of his mother. Bernice handcuffed Mose and Stephen for carrying the goods for the triad. Michael bailed Mose and Stephen out. Fred told his father to look at some business book to help Kenix. Kenix’s father brought some customers for Kenix’s flower tea shop. Kenix’s friends tried the flower tea and got a stomach ache which drove the customers away. At the ceiling, Kenix’s father saw Kenix and Bernice talking behind his back about driving her customers away. June asked Edmond to sign the cheque salary for Michael since he probably will leave the flower shop to open his own restaurant. Michael announced to his siblings that he will bring Mose home. Michael took Mose to the beach and said his father used to love him because he is intelligent. Michael told Mose he can stand up again. Mose asked his siblings to help him packing stuff for Mose. Mose ordered his siblings to arranged his stuff. Kenix paid Fred to work for her. Kenix lined up for her father. Mose brought the umbrella for Kenix during the rain but Kenix said she has an umbrella. Bernice told Kenix she thinks Kenix has fallen for Michael since she stood in line to buy the goods for Michael and got sick. Michael held the umbrella for Kenix during the rain and they walked together.



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