HK-Korean Drama Expression

Hey Arnold! Oskar can’t read

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During dinner, Ernie asked Oskar to pass the salt, he passed the pepper instead. The mailman asked Oscar to sign the paper but he made up an excuse he’s busy. Arnold’s grandpa asked Oskar to read the recipe while he cooks, Oscar said the onion (which is far from him) prevented him from seeing the words. Oscar held the fishbowl water and asked Arnold to help him open this aspirin. Ernie teased Oskar for being illiterate. Ernie made a bet of fifty bucks that Oscar can’t read. Arnold teachers Oskar to read. Oskar asked his wife to fill out the spelling worksheet for him. Oskar gave some chocolate and asked the chocolate boys to read The Tale of Two Cities for him until he can memorize it. Oskar reads The Tale of Two Cities in front of his friends. Ernie gave Oscar the book War and Peace and asked him to read it. Oscar recited The Tale of Two Cities. Arnold and his neighbors are mad. A kid asked Oskar to read the map for him. Oskar walked on the street sadly. Oskar asked Arnold to teach him to read. Oskar reads the children book for the kids at the library. Arnold gives Oskar a map and asked him to use the map to go home. Oskar got lost in the subway and he sat down and saw the kitty and pet it. Oskar recalled he read the book Pet the Kitty and is confidence he can go home. Oscar returns home and reunites with his family.








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