Moon Fairy episode 21 recap

Christopher’s brother sleeps and dream of Fann. The rabbit disguised as Fann and held Christopher’s brother hand. Christopher seeing the rabbit as Fann and hugged her. The rabbit told Christopher’s brother she will stay by him. When Christopher’s brother kissed the rabbit, she turned in her normal self. The rabbit said she truly loves him. The dragon motivates Christopher’s brother to revenge Christopher. Christopher told Fann’s sister she doesn’t need to take care of him. Fann’s sister told Christopher that he will never be with Fann. Christopher told Fann’s sister they may not be even friends anymore if she keeps on bugging him. Christopher’s brother laughed and told Fann’s sister that in the end Christopher will fail being with Fann. Fuxi followed Fann’s sister and told her that Christpher will never fall for her. Fuxi allowed Fann’s sister to pursue Christopher. Fann’s fought brother begged Wong Mo to help Christopher and Fann. Wong Mo got a way for Fann to be with Christopher but Christopher must not fall in love with another girl during this trial or she will turn into dust. Christopher fought with a sect on the mountain. Fann’s sister rescued Christopher. Fann’s first brother ordered the guards to spy on the fourth brother. Fann’s first brother tied up the fourth brother and asked him why did he practice some power.



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