Twin of Brothers episode 15 recap

The doctor’s daughter ate fruits in front of her father’s grave.Leila holds the veil and thought about how her master reminds her to not show her face to anyone. Raymond told Li Qian he wants to meet her father. The doctor’s sister asked Li Qian’s brother to drink with Raymond to test his love for Li Qian. Raymond told Li Qian’s brother he must work hard for his woman. Raymond drunkenly said Li Qian is a good girl and helped her a lot, he will man up once he marry Tavia. Raymond envision Tavia when Li Qian checked up on him. Raymond told Li Qian he loves her. Raymond put a ring on Li Qian’s finger. As Raymond about to kiss Li Qian, he fainted. Li Qian saw Tavia meet with Raymond. The master and the doctor’s daughter came with Tavia. Raymond hopes the chicken he boiled will make Tavia happy. Li Qian asked Tavia not to drag this love between Raymond and the master. Raymond saw Tavia and Li Qian chat happily with each other. Raymond and the master horse race with each other. A sect fought with Tavia. Derek arrived and fought with Patrick Dunn. The master got hurt. Henry kidnapped Tavia. Derek told Raymond to lie that he knows where’s the carpet is to lure Patrick. Raymond whispered to a sect member he’s so handsome. The other sect members asked the sect member what did Raymond said to him and where’s the carpet. The sect members fight with each other. Raymond asked Tavia if she trusts him. They jump down in the stream from the hill. The master fights with the sect. Raymond and Tavia hid in the cave. Raymond asked Tavia if she has a choice, would she pick the master. Tavia told Raymond it is not her choice but her fate. They have to make the decision of what’s right for the situation.



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