Lady Sour episode 1 recap

In Mo Tak Town, Ron visited Myolie cosmetic store to treat his rashes. Gigi and Myolie demanded two gold from Ron for the treatment. Ron gave them on gold and said they better not lick it since he accidentally drop it in the toilet this morning. In the restaurant, Madame Po told Him she’s been conned fifty taels. Customers strike in front of Gigi and Myolie’s store. Gigi’s gold got broken by Madamme Po and some men. Myolie and Him helped Gigi. Myolie turned back staring at him intimately. Myolie told him he’s like a god, she never met a good man before. Gigi looked at Him’s jade and said she used to give Myolie a similar jade. Ron chased Gigi and Myolie. Him drove Ron away. Myolie told Gigi she wants to go to Yau Tak Town to find a rich guy. Myolie wrote a farewell letter to her mom she wants to find her own happiness. Gigi stared at the cherry tree and thought about when she took care of Myolie after her father left her. Myolie came up to Gigi. Gigi go with Myolie to Yau Tak Town.Him returned home with Alice. Some thieves stole Myolie baggage on the street. Him gave Myolie a bowl of dumpling. Gigi tried to seduce a store owner using her beauty but he turns out to be blind. Jade recognized Gigi and took her to her inn. Ron found Myolie and Gigi. Ron saw his lover wed another man. Jade told Myolie and Gigi she tries to find a wife for Ron but girls always reject him. Gigi told Myolie that it’s fate her marriage with Him was arranged by the family.



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