Twin of Brothers episode 16 recap

The master told Tavia she could have left the case earlier than staying with Raymond. Raymond told Li Qian he wants to continue be with Tavia. Raymond said he planned to give the ring to Tavia.Li Qian took the ring off. Raymond told Li Qian he wants to live with her and his father to have a high status to court Tavia. Li Qian cried and left. Derek bids farewell to Raymond. Ron go with Leila talking to Leila’s master at the temple. Leila told her master she took off her veil so Ron can have more motivation to live. Leila’s master punished Leila to be a nun. Ron and the monk came. Leila is willing to be kicked out of the temple if she falls for Ron. Ron and Leila thought about the manuel is in the bat cave. Yvonne told Nancy she will let the sect fight with each other while she steals the manuel in the bat cave. Derek told Yvonne that the manuel belongs to his master. The sect is dissatisfied of a lady sect leader Yvonne to take the manuel. Yvonne punched Derek. Ron, Leila, and the monk entered the bat cave. Nancy punched Leila and said she will not let her steal the manuel and her lover. Tavia and his brother saw Waise and Joel at the cave. Yvonne used her power on Waise and Tavia’ brother crew. Raymond asked them to generate their power on the carpet so he can beat her. Yvonne entered the cave and met Nancy. Ron and Leila saw the stone and a poem on the rock and tried to open it.The cave shook. Ron and Leila fell on the water and he kisses her. Derek fought with Yvonne. Ron touched Leila’s face and asked him why it is so hot.



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