Lady Sour episode 3 recap

-A cat suddenly fell out of the closet and pushed the Guyan Yin when Him’s grandma is praying.

-Myolie came in front of the grandma’s house and said she dreamt of Guan Yin statue sitting in front of the lotus painting. Granny’s servants found Guan Yin statue in the kitchen.

-Myolie told the granny she wants to be with Him. Granny lets Him and Myolie gets married.

-Gigi search for a book, and thought of Brother Kung and her shoes. Gogo deals with Him’s father to pay her fifty six taels as installment each month. Gigi and Myolie saw Ron surrounded by girls asking him for dermatology skin suggestions. Gigi told the girls she can treat their skin problems but they must pay her.

– Ron took Myolie to the fabric store. Ron joked that he will steal her. Him and Myolie fell in love with each other at first sight without knowing much about each other. Ron gave Myolie a bead as a wedding gift. A girl sued Ron for ruining her wedding causing her husband to think he had an affair with her. The girl’s husband told the girl, at the court that her mom had an affair with the garderner. Ron is set free and the magistrate asked the couple to love each other. Ron makes this series fun. It’s a character he can stand out but too bad he got overshadowed by Him. Him drinks with his father. Him’s father is thinking of marry again. The constables chased Ron during Myolie’s wedding afraid he will steal the bride. Ron and Jade showed the invitation and attended the wedding. Him drinks with Myolie and threw up on her.


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