Twin of Brothers episode 19 recap

Raymond and Ron explains their new sect rules. The princess visits Raymond and Ron. Raymond and Ron saw a lake and bathe in it. Waise saw the princess in the forest. Waise fights with the princess and pointed a sword at her. Raymond and Ron met Derek in the forest. Nancy fought with Derek in the forest. Derek took Ron and Raymond to Nancy. Derek let Nancy tag along with them. Nancy asked Ron to slap Raymond thirty times if he wants to know a hint. Tavia and his brother visits a cave. Raymond and his crew doubts the diamond may be hidden in a cave. Raymond and his crew stared at the map and figure where the diamond is hidden. Raymond and Ron stared at the star in the sea. At night by the pond, Nancy told Derek he is naughty for pretend to be friends with Raymond and Ron. Nancy told Raymond and Ron that Derek is from a dark sect. Leila asked Ron to give up on finding the diamond. Ron stared at the lake and thought about the rock is in the water. Raymond and Ron went under the sea and pushed the sculpture. They flew to a cave and saw plenty of treasures.




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