Lady Sour episode 4 recap

Myolie and Him servers tea for Him’s father and Alice. Alice told Myolie that she can’t eat pineapple and she dropped a red packet. Alice stared at the painting and dream of her lover. Myolie saw a worm crawling on Alice’s nose. Myolie blew the worm and it dirtied the painting. Him sneezed and bleed his finger while touching the pineapple on the street. Elisa put on the cape for Him and asked him to put it on Myolie. Him sneaks in the house and itches his face. Alice punished Myolie by working in Sum Cho Vinegar.Myolie failed to distinguish between the vinegars. Myolie put on the scarf for Him. A customer peeked at Alice. Ron picked up donation money from Alice for the constable. Henry impersonates a ghost to scare Gigi and asked her where did she placed her weapon of killing her husband. Gigi blurted in the stream. Him helped Myolie pick up the vinegar. Alice saw her stalker played with her handkerchief. Alice peeked at Myolie and her stalker.




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