Twin of Brothers episode 20 recap

The good sect and the dark sect fight with each other in the cave. Raymond and Ron jumped under the water. They entered the cave and found the diamond. Nancy fights with Derek. Nancy told Ron and Raymond to take the diamond. Derek’s master Savio came. Yvonne stared at Savio. Raymond went out of control and pushed Tavia and Li Qian. Tavia stared at Li Qian grabbed Raymond and let him punched her. Savio fought with Derek. Leial begged her master not to kill Raymond and Ron since they are good guys and can change the power of the diamond from evil to good. Leila’s master is disappointed in Leila falling for Ron. Tavia told Li Qian that it seems that she loves Raymond. Savio wakes up and reunites with his godson Derek. Savio visits his wife’s grave. Yvonne came up to Savio and said his wife caused him to lose confident and made her lose her happiness. Savio slapped Yvonne and said he sill haven’t forgotten that she killed his wife. The new emperor which is Tavia’s father promotes the master. Tavia’s brother told Tavia she keeps on dragging the marriage because she still has feelings for Raymond. Tavia’s brother told Tavia now the world is in peace, she can choose to be with the one she loves. Waise visits the princess in the cellar and dip in the bowl of rice. Waise fought with Raymond and Ron. The princess stopped Raymond and Ron and Waise.



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