Lady Sour episode 5 recap

Gigi does a facial mask for Alice. Alice’s stalker massaged Alice, and she freaked out. Alice accused Myolie of having and affair with her stalker and schemed on her. At the court, the magistrate Derek punished the stalker to stay away from Alice from a hundred feet and be in the rehab. Myolie apologized to Alice. The granny fainted. The store owner itched his arm. Myolie put on vinegar on the clothe and wiped on his arm. To warm Him’s grandma, Myolie picked up the ice cubs on the ground and burnt her fingers. The servants stared at Myolie picking up and giggled. Alice asked the servant to bring the huge bucket of ice and said Myolie is slow and only got a small portion of ice. Myolie kneel in front of the granny’s room. Gigi went to Him’s house and demanded to see her daughter. Though Him has a lot of screentime, his role is so bland. Ron has an interesting role but such a small screentime. Gigi ate a pineapple cake. Him picked one up and ate without knowing. Elisa told Him to write a heart sultra. Him showed the sultra to his granny but Alice can tell that it was his writing instead of Myolie. Elisa cheered the granny up by saying the bird poop on the buddha’s head cause she’s gentle. The granny forgives Myolie. Alice saw his lover meeting with Koni. Koni gave the granny a mala bracelet as a gift. Alice saw Koni with Derek. Derek choked and signed Alice’s father document. Jade asked Ron to find a girlfriend.



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