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Madam White Snake 2001 episode 1 recap

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The White Snake (Fann Wong) hang around on earth. Xu Xian (Christopher Lee) jumps in the stream. The servant tried to persuaded Xu Xian not to suicide. Junbao (Vincent Jiao) does a cpr for Xu Xian. Xu Xian told his servant he just wanted to wash his feet. Junbaotold Xu Xian there’s nothing wrong with him calling him master. Xu Xu Xian asked the monk not to bug in their business. Xu Xian tries to fight with Junbao but fell down. The white snake stared at the monk infatuately. The landlord wants to recruit Xu Xian’s house. He gives him one more day to pack his stuff. Jun Bao walks around selling stuff. The White Snake asked Jun Bao to tell a wish. The White Snake said she tied up the elderly god and asked him why does heaven punish her going to the earth for so long. Jun Bao called the white snake a slut. The white snake turns in her original self, Jun Bao fainted. During the Mid Autumn Festivals, Xu Xian and his servant stared at the green snake playing the harp. At the brothel, Xu Xian asked the green snake to help him, he lost all his money and stuff on the way from his hometown. He needs one hundred thousand taels. The green snake flirted and showed him a cheque of one thousand taels. Xu Xian snatched the cheque. The cheque flew away. The green snake steps on it. The green snake returns the cheque with a condition he sleeps in the haunted house for one night. Xu Xian entered the haunted house. Some men fought with Xu Xian. The green snake turned into her normal self and killed those men. She said those men fell for her but he didn’t fall for her. The white snake claimed that her father is deaf and the restaurant owner. The white snake stared at Jun Bao eating buns at the restaurant. She created a few assassins fighting with her. Jun Bao rescued the white snake. The white snake said her father left the robbers but the assassins keep on chasing him. The whine snake showed Jun Bao some silvers and claimed it was stolen from her father. The whine snake saw the green snake and they fought with each other. Xu Xian grabbed the white snake leg. The white snake turned Xu Xian into his turtle self. The elderly god told the white snake that Jun Bao is in danger.


One thought on “Madam White Snake 2001 episode 1 recap

  1. Did you know where can I find this drama? Been looking for it everywhere but can’t find it

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