Twin of Brothers episode 21 and 22 recap

Raymond and Li Qian plans a war strategy. Leila’s master told Leila anyone can fall in love but her because she is new leader for the nun sect. Leila told Ron she couldn’t be satisfied praying without knowing what mistakes she did. Leila said her master always compare her to the previous leader of the nun sect. A nun told Leila that the previous leader made a mistake of falling for Savio from the dark sect. She died after marrying Savio. Raymond and Li Qian saw the love rock. Li Qian twisted her leg. Raymond piggyback Li Qian. Raymond gave the ring to Tavia and hopes he will win her heart someday. Raymond said he will go to war. Tavia’s maid asked Tavia to make her decision of who she will be with. Tavia loves Raymond but doesn’t want to hurt Li Qian so she has to decide carefully. Tavia watch Raymond happily ride a horse with Li Qian. Raymond and Tavia meet with the master. The master showed Tavia a handkerchief. Tavia got mad at the master for bringing wedding presents. Leila asked the elderly monk if he knows what happened between Savio and the previous sect nun leader. The monk said the previous sect leader brought her daughter somewhere and left and got killed. The tea house owner told Leila that Yvonne fought with the nun sect leader. Ron and Leila suspect Nancy is Savio’s daughter with the nun sect leader. Savio fought with Nancy wanting to see Yvonne to ask her about his daughter. Leila interfered and told Savio that he can’t kill Nancy cause she may be his daughter. Savio barged in the cave and asked Yvonne if Nancy is his daughter for revenge. Nancy begged Yvonne to tell her if she’s Savio’s daughter. Nancy cried and reunited with Savio. Savio took Nancy to visit her mother’s grave. Nancy told Savio she felt distant between Yvonne though she raised her. Yvonne cried and told Savio she loved him deeply so she killed his wife but it caused her to make a mistake. Yvonne said she couldn’t have lived without Nancy being staying by her. Nancy asked Savio to move near her so she can take care of him. Savio feels that there’s something weird between his relationship with her. Nancy asked Savio to teach him martial arts but he refuses. Nancy tried to attack Savio and fell. Nancy finds the good sects are hypocrites. The master told Raymond and his friends he will leave with Tavia tomorrow. Raymond held Tavia’s hands and asked her to tell the master clearly that the one she loves is him. Tavia asked Raymond what does he think of Li Qian. Raymond dropped Li Qian’s slip of paper. Tavia picked up and read Li Qian’s wish and assumes Raymond loves Li Qian. Tavia saw Li Qian and Raymond joke with each other and they talk about the new villa. Tavia showed Raymond’s ring to the master. The master left and denied breaking up with Tavia. The master’s servant said he put poison in Raymond’s tea drink. The master beg Raymond not to steal Tavia. The master told Raymond he can give up his wealth for him. The master kneel in front of Raymond. Raymond asked the master to be a man. Raymond drink the cup of tea and got poisoned. The master told Raymond he deserves it. Raymond pointed a sword at the master. Tavia stood in front of the master. Raymond left. Raymond told Tavia she defended the master. Raymond told Tavia that the master poisoned him. Tavia told Raymond that she can’t let the master die. Raymond told Tavia she loves the master’s power and he was just a chess piece. Tavia cried and told Raymond she never lied to him unlike him who is a two timer. Raymond told Tavia there’s many girls better than her but he doesn’t know why he falls for her. Tavia told Raymond he knows if he love Li Qian. Raymond wish Tavia and the master happiness.




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