Favorite Boba Tea Places near Dallas, Texas

I love drinking Jasmine Milk Tea. Only a few places in Dallas, Texas which managed to make me good Jasmine Milk Tea. Seriously at times I’m cranky during bad times and even more after tasting bad Jasmine Milk tea but here are my favorite Boba Tea places that makes good Jasmine Milk Tea.

I like the service of Fat Straws and Bobaland the best. Fat Straws has the best Classics but here are some places I go for Jasmine Milk Tea.

Those are:

1. Bobaland: I love their Jasmine Tea Sea Cream. You guys should also try the Red Galaxy and Panda Milk Tea. It is situated next to the Mongolian Hot Pot which is a plus.

2. QQ Tea House: Location is kinda narrow but their Jasmine Green Milk Tea is good. Their classics are not bad.

3. Fruitealicious: I don’t often come there since it is kinda far away but I’m impressed with their Jasmine Green Tea. Their chai tea are also good.

I usually ordered their Jasmine Milk Tea but they also have god selection of other milk teas.


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