Tips on Promoting Wuxia

Promoting Wuxia is tougher than promoting asian dramas since Wuxia is getting phased out. 90s were the era of Wuxia. Here are some tips in promoting Wuxia. These may also works for other asian dramas too.

1. Make friends with other asian drama bloggers whether Korean, Japanese, or Taiwanese drama bloggers, it will help them expand their horizon and be aware of Wuxia genre. Example is OCKOALA translate some Wuxia novels and blog about kdramas.

2. Blog about some popular Wuxia movies such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragons, House of Flying Daggers, or Curse of Golden Flowers. It is a plus that House of Flying Daggers have Andy Lau, Curse of Golden Flowers has Jay Chou. This is also a good tip to promote kdramas by promoting popular Korean Movies in America.

3. Blog about 90s Wuxia Series since 90s were the Wuxia Eras where Wuxia was popular. This is tricky cause you have to blog about Wuxia that you think Americans will enjoy. On the other note, promote Wuxia Series that have Hollywood actors Andy Lau, Tony Leung,Fan Bing Bing Same for Korean Dramas. A good tip for promoting Korean Dramas is promoting those series has famous singer such as series that star pop singer Rain Bi. Kdrama Partner has the third runner up in Miss Universe Honey Lee.

4. Create mvs of Wuxia.

5. Fansubbing or dub Wuxia Series in in different languages. It does help when there’s more availability of languages.

6. Bu Bu Jing Xing and Lan Ling Wang are some of the popular Wuxia Series. You can promote those big hit Wuxia Series. Same with Korean Dramas.

7. Write Historical Contexts of China in Wuxia Series for fans to understand the series better. Wuxia has archaic language and hard to understand dialogues. It does help explaining about sects like how Wuxiaedge explains some terms. This goes along with promoting historical dramas or series based on legends.

8. Write a fanfiction about Wuxia.

9. Promote Wuxia Series that have foreign actors such as My Bratty Princess has Jang Nara.

10. Show Wuxia Series to your American friends.

11. Cook some food shown in Wuxia Series.


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