End of the Year Review

This year I’ve skipped so many series. I doubted if I should write an end of the year review since most dramas aren’t up to my liking but here we go.


Gilded Chopsticks: My favorite series for this year but still cliche. Thought Ben didn’t have enough charisma to be the lead but he fits the role of Yongzheng.

Rear Mirror: A family series despite I’m not interested in the family conflict. Good casts and acting.

Swipe Tap Love: Loved Priscilla Wong, I feel comfortable watching her here and Reality Check. The series also have classic songs and a cute poodle. Recommended if you enjoy romance dramas.


All that Bitter is Sweet: Draggy plot despite I like the casts.

Line Walker: Camera angle is a bit off. Cliche storyline but worth a watch. I mostly skimmed this series and watched this series for Kobe and the undercover stories.


Come on Cousin: This was a big disapointnment. Love Inbound Troubles. Gotta remember not to have expectation for sequel of a well liked series.

Lady Sour: Good casts but weak plot. They put newbies as leads which made Him has major screentime but his character is so wooden.

Other Series I’ve watched:

The Ultimate Addiction: Love Bosco but the plot in the second half is ridiculous and the costumes and make up need major makeover.

I skipped the rest of the series this year cause the casts and story isn’t my cup of tea.

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