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Treasure Venture episode 21 recap

This episode has plenty of Wuxia lenghty dialogues that I had to rewind back and forth to recap it thoroughly. 🙂


Ruo Han woke up and threw up. Bai Rue Xue wiped his mouth. Ruo Han asked Bai Rue Xue if she remembers she asked him why he is so cold to her after returning. Ruo Han told Bai Rue Xue after he became an assassin, he realizes there’s not good or evil but everyone got a different goal. If he doesn’t fall in love, his life will be better. He tried to avoid Jian Ping. He even hurt Jian Ping more than her. He only loves Bai Rue Xue as his sister. If she wants to be a true assassin, she must not fall in love. Bai Rue Xue said if she must leave him, she rather quit be an assassin. He is an assassin who is lovesick that’s why he’s hurt. Bai Rue Xue leaned on Ruo Han’s shoulder and said even if she uses all her energy, and becomes weak, she will also be satisfied dying in his arm. Ruo Han said he only has one hour left. Ruo Han walked in the street and looked at the painting and thought of Jian Ping.



Wu Ma grabbed Yu Lung in his room and asked them when they had an affair. Yu Lung confessed to Wu Ma that he and Yinniang were pretending to be lovers to drive him crazy so he can tell his true feelings for her. He has to help her so she can help him be with Jian Ping. Yu Lung wore a black suit and pretends to attack Xiao Long to lure Yiniang out. Yu Lung gave Yiniang a piece of handkerchief from Wu Ma with a love poem on it. Yu Lung and Xiao Long wants to dressed up for Wu Ma. Wu Ma feels embarrassed and hid in Jian Ping’s room. Jian Ping nitpicked on Yiniang to Wu Ma. Jian Ping told Wu Ma he will be bored to death living with a widow. Wu Ma decided to dressed up to meet Yiniang. Jian Ping told Wu Ma that men always keep their feelings inside. Wu Ma asked Jian Ping if she haven’t forgotten Ruo Han. Jian Ping prevented Wu Ma from touching Ruo Han’s flute. Yu Lung and Xiao Long saw Ruo Han on the street. Ruo Han pointed a sword at Xiao Fou while he’s happily eating a tanghulu. Eunuch Cao’s guards grabbed Xiao Fou. Ruo Han bowed to Eunuch Cao. Wuji told Yu Lung that Eunuch Cao is planning to eat Xiao Fou tomorrow. While Wu Ma waits for Yiniang, Wuji sent a letter to Wu Ma to save Xiao Fou. Wuji told Wu Ma that his love letter is so cheesy. Wu Ma sneaks in Eunuch Cao’s house and asked Ruo Han to say what he wants to tell Jian Ping. Yiniang drunkenly waits for Wu Ma.


Xiao Long took Jian Ping in Ruo Han’s room. Jian Ping hugged Ruo Han and apologized to him. Ruo Han said he is willing to be poisoned so she can feel better. Ruo Han asked Jian Ping if he hates him. Jian Ping told Ruo Han she learned to understand others. She used to laugh at how native Bai Rue Xue is but she is no different when it comes to love. She couldn’t control herself. Ruo Han told Jian Ping that day he kidnapped her father, he didn’t hurt him. Bai Rue Xue hurt him to exchange the second key.They are innocent but can’t reveal their identities after their mission are complete. Ruo Han asked Jian Ping why did she believe in Bai Rue Xue over him. Jian Ping told Ruo Han she believes him now. Ruo Han asked Jian Ping not to leave him. Ruo Han told Jian Ping if she heals him, he has to protect his godfather and oppose her. He regrets not knowing his identity and who is parents are. Jian Ping saw the same flower tattoo on Ruo Han’s neck is the same on her mother’s manuel.

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Which Southeast Asian Countries would you like to travel?

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Moon Fairy episode 26 recap

Christopher’s brother tied up Fann. Christopher found Fann but she is about to be vanished. Christopher’s brother evilly laugh and said he can’t have what doesn’t belong to him. Fann’s sister cried and screamed. Fann’s sister’s hair turned white. Christopher picked up Fann’s ashes. Christopher’s brother fought with Christopher. Fann’s sister turns to an old lady and visited her father and said his daughter ran away from home, he should forget her. Fuxi showed her the cloth that her daughter sewed. Fann’s sister told Fuxi if she finds a good man, he will return home. Fann’s sister cooked for his father and drank with him. Fuxi cried and asked the old lady to tell his daughter to tell his daughter to take care. Fann’s sister bowed in front of his father while he’s sleeping. As Fann’s sister is about to kill herself, Fuxi prevented her. Fann’s sister apologized to her father for running away and being stubborn and she realized love can’t be forced. Fuxi asked his daughter if she knows what place Fann has the most memories with Christopher, so they can save her. Wong Mo got mad about Fann turning into dust, and she wants to kill Christopher. Fann’s sister tied up the rabbit and asked her to let her know where’s Fann’s soul. Fann’s sister gathered Fann’s ashes. Fuxi and Wong Mo grabbed the ashes and combined it with Christopher’s soul to find Fann’s soul. Christopher asked Fann to wake up. Christopher hugged Fann and asked her not to give up. Christopher’s tears fell on Fann’s arm. Fann wakes up. Christopher apologized to Fann and asked her to forgive him. Fann’s first brother fought with Fuxi. Wong Mo and Fann’s sister arrived with Fuxi. Christopher and Fann bowed in front of Wong Mo. Wong Mo told Fann that she died and live for Christopher. No one will be able to separate them again. Christopher and Fann and the villagers fought with a sect.


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Food often mentioned in tvb series


-Tanghulu: Fruit candy featured in most ancient series such as Legendary Four Aces.

-Abalones: Seafood that rich family eat like in Heart of Greed.

-Gingseng: use it as a healthy diet.

-Bird’s Nest Soup: Expensive edible bird nest use it as a healthy diet.

-Pineappple bun: a dessert that Mose and Michael ate in Love Bond and Roger in Come on Cousin thinking of their fathers.

-Egg tarts: it is a common chinese dessert, Law Ba in Ghetto Justice eat it.

-Peanut Candy: Edwin in Brother’s Keepers made it.

-Sugar Canes: Wayne ate it in Best Bet.

-Hot Pot.

-Stinky Tofu

What other common chinese food you often hear in tvb series?

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Madam Cutie on Duty episode 4 recap

Edwin grabbed Priscilla by the corner of the wall and sneaked peeked at his father talking to Kaki. Edwin’s father told Edwin he got promoted to be a security guard and he got a raise of seven hundred dollars. Raymond gave Mandy some money but she refuses and said she can be thrifty and take care of the household while he works. Mandy showed a picture of her and Raymond with two kids and said their daughter would like a sister. Raymond refuses since they don’t earn enough. As Priscilla returned home, she saw Edwin going to the bathroom leaving the door open. Priscilla listed some rules for Edwin. Edwin’s boss sent his colleague to help him as a security guard. Edwin thought of a nickname turnip and porkskin to attend the Fungso Beauty House grand opening without his father aware. At the grand opening, Mandy congratulates Priscilla of winning a prize as their customer and invited her for a massage.


Edwin peeked at the girl Maruko Chan at the ceremony. Mandy and Rachel put Rachel’s phone on a toycar and control it in Pan’s house to record. When the car reached Pan’s bag, the phone is dead. Edwin followed and watch Maruko Chan play in the arcade with a boy. The boy’s mother accused Maruko Chan of stealing his son’s ticket and said not wonder she doesn’t have a mother. Edwin came and defended Maruko Chan and said “You should have a good manner to model your kid, Auntie”. Edwin took Maruko Chan to eat. Maruko Chan asked Edwin if she married Priscilla because he knocked on her. As Kaki massaged Priscilla, she complimented her massage is good. Kaki thanked and said she picked up the technique from Mainland. She moved to Hongkong and worked part time. Her boss had to leave overseas so she sold the shop to her. Priscilla asked Kaki how much does the shop cost. Priscilla said she can borrow money from the loan shark, she asked Kaki where did she get the money. Hugo told Priscilla he ran a background check on Kaki, and he found out her husband is just an ordinary worker and her family in mainland are poor.


A gangster took some skincare product from Kaki’s shop without paying. The security guard arrived and asked Kaki if she remember him, he was her neighbor in her hometown. Priscilla saw Mandy’s phone on the floor and heard some noises in front of Pan’s house and she freaked out and knocked on Edwin’s door. Lights are off. Priscilla hugged Edwin and trembled and screamed. Maruko Chan walked toward them wearing Priscilla’s lipsticks.


Priscilla called her mom asking her for cooking advice. Edwin and Maruko Chan tasted Priscilla’s dishes. Rachel’s son argued with Rachel about paying his fee to study abroad. Rachel bought his son a new toy car and apologized for breaking his toycar. Rachel’s son got mad and said his toy car is special to him since his father gave him on his birthday before she divorced him. Priscilla heard a strange noise in front of Pan’s house. Priscilla asked Edwin to hear a a chant “Ambitabha”. Edwin and Priscilla sleeps in the same room while Maruko Chan sleeps on the other room. Edwin roared like a werewolf close to Priscilla and she kicked him. Priscilla holds her blanket and heard a strange noise again.


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Doll House episode 7 to 9 recap

Korean Movies and dramas keep on airing on MNET Channel. I’m ready to continue recapping more kdramas while watching it on Dramafever. 🙂


The maid asked Young Hee to keep impersonating Soo Jung, the professor’s daughter if she wants to live a rich life. Young Hee sneaks down to Soo Jung’s room. She saw Soo Jung’s uniform. She looked around the boxes and saw the fake Soo Jung being tied up. Young Hee reads the diary. The fake Soo Jung refuses to leave with Young Hee. Soo Jung asked Young Hee to do what she says. Young Hee ate breakfast with the professor and Soo Jung’s mom. Young Hee took Soo Jung’s mom to the plain for walk but a man grabbed Soo Jung away. Soo Jung’s mother recognized her daughter.