Twin of Brothers episode 26 recap

Raymond fought with Cha Siu and won. Tavia and Cha Siu leave with their soldiers. Tavia got a plan to use Raymond’s jealousy to lose the fight. Cha Siu eat and drink and relax at the war camp. The captain left his post and drink wine. Cha Siu would like to see the captain return to Raymond’s camp drunk. Raymond blocked Tavia’s way in the forest and pointed a sword at her. Tavia let Raymond capture her. Raymond realized that he’s been sidetracked. Cha Siu helped Wilson fight with Raymond’s girl friend’s uncle’s soldiers. Raymond fought with Wilson. Wilson refuses to surrender. Raymond promised Wilson that he will take his friend’s unle post as the new sect leader and help him. The captain got poisoned and capture and blamed Raymond on losing the battle. Li Qian said that if the captain wasn’t drunk, Raymond would have won the battle. Raymond’s friend’s uncle thanked Raymond for winning the land. Wilson agrees to work for Tavia and her father. Tavia congratulates Wilson and the doctor’s daughter for the engagement. The princess fought with Waise on the sea. The princess told Waise she has to revenge for her sister and he has to die in the same place. Waise pointed a sword at the princess and said before her sister died, she asked him if he his willing to give up his post for her. As Leila prayed at the temple, her father’s dark power possessed Leila and punched Ron. Leila pointed a sword at Ron and freaked out. Ron held Leila’s hand to calm her. Yvonne and Nancy watch Leila fighting with Savio in the forest. Leila uses her dark powers on Savio. Savio pointed a sword in Leila and she got injured. Leila’s master punched Savio and asked Ron and Leila to leave. As Leila pray in the temple, Nancy attacked Leila. Ron fought with Nancy and got hurt. Leila opened her eyes, Nancy told Leila that she is so evil hurting Ron. Leila upset stared at Ron’s blood on the sword.



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