Treasure Venture episode 14 recap

A man teased Yiniang while she’s drunk. Xiao Long beat up the man. Eunuch Cao asked Ruo Han why doesn’t he kill Jian Ping’s father. Wuji met Eunuch Cao, Ruo Han, and Bai Rue Xue. Eunuch Cao gave Ruo Han a sword to kill Jian Ping’s father. Xiao Long and Xiao Fu met an old man. The old man grabbed Xiao Fu and left. Jian Ping’s father told Jian Ping that they need the three keys to open the grave to find the manuel. They wonder where’s the third key. He’s worried that Eunuch Cao is scheming against the emperor. Yu Ma doubts who is playing the flute every night. Wu Ji told Xiao Long that Jian Ping has been kidnapped. Wu Ji drinks with Yu Long at the restaurant. Yu Lung asked Wu Ji if he knows that he loves Jian Ping but he handed her over to Ruo Han. Wu Ji told Ruo Han and Ruo Han and Bai Rue Xue are assassins and Jian Ping is about to be beheaded. Being tied up on the pole, Jian Ping laughed and told Ruo Han she will die under his hands. Jian Ping begged Ruo Han to spare her father. Ruo Han told Jian Ping he can’t promise her that but he has to tell her that when a person knows too much, he will be more miserable. Jian Ping requested Ruo Han to play the flute for her. Wu Ma came up to his friend and asked him what sect does Yiniang belongs to. It is revealed that Yu Ma also belongs to the dark sect. wu Ma’s friend said he he is Ruo Han’s master and ordered Ruo Han to kill Jian Ping. This will be their duel. Jian Ping is about to kill Jian Ping. Bai Rue Xue arrived. Ruo Han fought with Bai Rue Xue and asked Jian Ping to leave. Xiao Long got hurt and fell down the hole. Jian Ping tried to grab Xiao Long’s hand but he let go an fell down.



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