Twin of Brothers episode 27 recap

Leila wrote a farewell letter to Ron. Nancy showed Ron the pin of Leila and asked him to follow her. Waise challenge the princess to a game of chess. Raymond’s girl friend father demanded Raymond to hand out the seal. The soldiers feels unfair for Raymond not receiving any credit for his victory. Raymond gave the soldiers one hundred thousand gold. Raymond teach the soldiers to fight. The captain punished the soldier to run one mile around the camp. Raymond’s girl friend cooked fish fish for Raymond. Li Qian wait for Raymond and about to throw the green bean desert she made for Raymond. Raymond returned home and bumped into Li Qian and ate the green bean desert. Raymond took his girl friend to another city. Raymond told his girl friend he will not give up fighting in the war. Raymond gave the villa to his girl friend. Raymond told Li Qian he gave the villa to his girl friend’s father. Yvonne assumes that Savio is going to the temple where he killed his wife. Nancy took Ron to a snowy mountain. Nancy is happy seeing Ron giving her a bowl of water in the cabin. Ron told Nancy he know she’s a good girl but he’s worried something will happen to Leila. Nancy leaned on Ron’s shoulder. Ron saw Leila. Leila used her power on Ron. Nancy took the punch and got injured. Ron search for Leila in the snow. Ron saw in the cauldron of boiling water.




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