Twin of Brothers episode 28 recap

Nancy told Ron that Leila is avoiding him so she won’t harm him. Nancy and Ron search for Leila in the snow. Ron hugged Leila’s body thinking she is dead. Nancy used her power to wake up Leila and said her plan failed. Li Qian asked Raymond’s girl friend if she has a crush on Raymond. Raymond’s girl friend told Li Qian that Raymond gave her the villa. Li Qian told Raymond that his girl friend thinks that he has a crush on her after he gave her the villa. He needs to be clear with her. The captain understands that Raymond gave the villa to his girl friend to have more alliance but it also hurt Li Qian’s feeling. Raymond’s girl friend father arranged the marriage between Raymond and his daughter to test his loyalty. Leila told Ron she moved to the snowy mountain because she doesn’t want the dark power to control her. Leila told Ron that Savio truly loves her mother just like Nancy loves him. Leila told Ron that Nancy feels hurt seeing him upset so she used her power to wake her up. And that is the reason that caused her to punch him that night. Leila asked Ron to take care of Nancy. Ron piggyback Nancy and wiped her wounds. Nancy told Ron she doesn’t need him to appreciate her, she just need him to understand she can do anything for him. Nancy asked Ron why won’t she give her a chance to be with him. Ron hugged Nancy and kissed her. Raymond decides to go to a separate path with his girl friend’s uncle. Raymond and his sect is getting ready to battle his girl friend’s father troops. Raymond’s girl friend stood in front of Raymond and prevent her father from shooting at Raymond. Raymond and his sect escaped. Waise play chess with the princess. Raymond and his sect fought with his girl friend’s uncle sect.


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