Treasure Venture episode 19 recap

Xiao Fou beat up the master in the white suit. The master in the white suit punched Xiao Long between the bamboo trees and about to chop him. Jian Ping arrived and stopped him. Jian Ping’s power has grown stronger and she would like to use it to cure the two master’s illness. Jian Ping has studied her mother’s manuel and will use the tune of her mother’s song to treat the masters illness. Xiao Fou tried to play the music. The master in the white suit and black suit went to the restroom and felt well after that. Jian Ping saw a sign of flower on Xiao Long’s butt and compare it to the flower on the manuel. The masters told Jian Ping that the martial art she practice belongs to her mother’s sect. The master in the white suit waved in front of Jian Ping and asked her if she misses Ruo Han. Eunuch Cao ordered Wuji to make Yu Lung lovesick. Ruo Han pointed a sword toward Jian Ping’s father. Wuma rescued Jian Ping’s father. Yu Lung asked Wuji what did Eunuch Cao ordered him to do. Yu Lung told Wuji if he’s scared of Eunuch Cao, then he should be scared of him more. Yu Lung asked Wuji if he knows his identity, he is the prince. Wuji told Yu Lung that Eunuch Cao works for the rebel. Eunuch Cao fought with Wuma. Jian Ping prevented Ruo Han from killing her father. Jian Ping came close to Ruo Han and asked Ruo Han why does have to do it. Ruo Han said because he is an assassin. Bai Rue Xue grabbed Ruo Han and left. Yiniang reunites with Xiao Long and she told him she is his biological mother. Flashbacks of Yiniang fought with another sect while carrying Xiao Long. She stamped a flower on Xiao Long’s butt and put it on the temple. Xiao Fou asked Xiao Long to accept Yiniang as his mother. Yiniang gave a letter to Jian Ping’s father and asked him to open it when he is in danger. Yiniang told Jian Ping’s father that Xiao Long is Jian Ping’s lost fiance.



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