Why Blogging about Wuxia Series is tough?

You know how not many fans blog about Wuxia. There are many reasons that there’s not many Wuxia blogs.

-The availability of eng sub: Korean and HK Dramas are always being subbed, but Wuxia rarely get subbed. Not to mention official streaming sites like Dramafever and Viki has official korean drama subs while Wuxia only has fansubs.

-The archaic language: Wuxia uses ancient languages which is hard for fans to understand since we live in the modern world. Writing in archaic style is hard too.

– The history and culture: Face it, even if you’re a Wuxia Fanatic, there will be a chance you haven’t read the novel or understand the culture and may say something wrong. You can get criticized for liking a Wuxia Series itself without reading the novel. I haven’t read any of the Wuxia novels but I thought Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2000 alone was good.

-Wuxia is extinct: The golden era of Wuxia was the 80s and 90s. Now we see less and less Wuxia being played. Current generation Wuxia fans grew up with Fantasy RPG Wuxia while the older generation grew up with lots of Wuxia Series.

-More choices to choose. Currently Korean entertainment is taking over the asian entertainment. New generation fans didn’t grew up watching Wuxia. Many are onto romance comedy which is the current trend of Korean and Taiwanese Dramas.

-Wuxia fans favorite Wuxia Series is State of Divinity 96 because it is accurate to the novel, but some Wuxia fans have different opinions which they thought Demi God and Semi Devil 96 is better than State of Divinity but tvb made State of Divinity 96 good. Some thought Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2000 wasn’t the worst, they thought Crimson Sabre was worse. Though some grew up with 80s Wuxia Series but they are the minority who prefers the 90s series. Different Wuxia fans taste and view. Not all Wuxia fanatics think alike.

By the way I’m an Asian American, my parents have read the Wuxia novels but I haven’t. But I got to learn a lot from other Wuxia fans such as Wuxia Rocks about the novel.


One thought on “Why Blogging about Wuxia Series is tough?

  1. Wuxia setries is almost extinct. I use to watch wuxia series in 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. As a strong wuxia fan, I strongly need more support from young Chinese communities to ask TVB and ATV or China’s TV to produce more new wuxia series. Those cinema wuxia drama shown at cinema was too short and not too interesting. I hope more support from both Chinese male and female movie fans. Also due to current film piracy in Hong Kong has caused HK TVB and ATV reluctant to produce good wuxia serie.

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