Moon Fairy episode 23 recap

Fan cried and ran toward a deserted cabin. Fann asked the rabbit to stay by her since she has a strange feeling with the snowy weather. A storm is coming. Fann’s first brother created an continuous dark falling snow. Fann’s first brothers told the other brothers that the jade emperor let the people do what they want to do which causes rebels like Christopher and Fann. Since the queen is ruling the kingdom, he needs to change the atmosphere and cause chaos in the earth. People fighting over the block of woods. Fann found Christopher in the woods and hugged him. Fann asked Christopher if he doesn’t recall anything. Fann fainted. Christopher took Fann in the cabin. Fann sing a song to Christopher and said his mother used to sing him this song. They used to fight with the dragon and grow crops. It was her happiest moment. Too bad they are gods and can’t fall in love. Fann asked Christopher if he remembers she gave him a jade bracelet for him to remember her. Fann asked Christopher not to leave her. Fann cried and beg Christopher to visit her. Christopher told Fann to not meet each other again. The rabbit told Christopher he is so cold blooded. Christopher asked Fann’s sister if he used to have a jade bracelet. Christopher told Fann’s sister he met Fann and he can see her feelings and hope someday he will remember everything. Christopher thought about the bracelet and got a headache. Christopher arrived to the cabin and left. Fann shouted at Christopher. Fann’s sister arrived and asked Fann not to bother her and Christopher anymore. Fann asked her sister if she thought of who Christopher loves. Fann’s sister said she didn’t steal Christopher but he was willing to forget his past. Fann told her sister if Christopher stay with her he will turn in to dust since she vowed she will stay with Christopher eternally. Fann begged her sister to give Christopher to her. Fann told Christopher she wishes him and Fann happiness. Christopher told Fann’s sister he will marry her. Christopher told Fann not to disturb her sister and he is engaged to her. The rabbit ran and asked Christopher’s brother for help. Fann’s first brother used his power on the rabbit and ordered Christopher’s brother to kill the rabbit or he will be betrayed by her. Christopher’s brother took the rabbit to a cabin. The dragon in Christopher’s brother’s body wants to rape the rabbit. Christopher’s brother feels ache. Christopher’s brother told Fann he will help her persuade Christopher.



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