Love Bond episode 9 recap

Michael told Anne he believes that her grandma will be well if she keeps her hopes up. Anne stared at the clouds and hopes someday her grandma will see the stars. Michael and Anne visit Anne’s grandmother at the hospital. Michael promised Anne’s grandma he will cook her favorite meals. Michael took pictures of the stars in the sky. Kenix’s father’s boss suggest him to retire from his job. Kenix’s father helped a woman carrying her dishes and he accidentally dropped it. Kenix’s father twisted his back. Kenix’s father told Mose that retiring is boring and he would like to earn more money to help Kenix funding her tea shop. Mose told Kenix’s father that he should retire and enjoy his vacation and let his children do their job. Michael brought purple flowers for Anne’s grandma. Anne’s grandma told Michael she’s handing him to Anne. Anne wishes upon a shooting star. Michael cooks food for Anne’s grandma. Anne asked about Michael if he still wants to pursue his dream of being a chef. Anne and Michael stared at a pair of dolls at a baby store and recalled their past relationship. Michael brought Anne to Kenix’s tea shop to order some tea for her grandmother. Kenix asked Michael if he wants to reunite with Ann. Fred hesitates of letting his father borrowing his new camera. Fred asked Kenix to let their father borrow her camera. Kenix stared at Michael’s jacket on the sofa and got pissed. Stephen showed Mose a mini tv that Kenix gave her. It’s hard to find a good boss. Stephen and Kenix sighed about the teashop rarely has customers. Kenix received a bouquet of flowers. The granny called Mose and Bernice to look at a magazine she found. Mose got beaten by the gangsters. Bernice fought with the gang. Someone stabbed Mose from his back, he beat up the gang. Mose told Bernice that when he used to live in the street, a triad wanted to steal his keys to enter his house to steal. He refused so he the triad stabbed him from his back but fortunately Stephen beat up the triad. Stephen is an orphan but always help Mose and he’s not sure if it was because he got hit in the head which caused him to not be so intelligent. Anne’s grandma asked Anne if she’s still with Michael. Anne’s grandma told Anne she doesn’t know how they broke up but she can tell they still love each other. Anne visited Michael for dinner. Anne stared at Michael cooking and recalled singing a song when he cooks.




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