Madam Cutie on Duty episode 1 recap

Haven’t been motivated enough to watch new tvb series. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with this series. 🙂

This series starts with a final sale at the market where Priscilla and her friends snatch as many goodies at the market. Priscilla dressed up pretty in her girly self putting her perfume. Hugo took a rose from Priscilla. Priscilla brought her poodle at the crime scence to search for the body of the victim which possess the same perfume as her. At an anniversary, Priscilla’s mother’s friend made fun of Priscilla’s face behind her back. Priscilla told the ladies if there weren’t cops like her, they wouldn’t be free gossiping. At home, Priscilla’s mother told Priscilla it was so embarrassing how the bachelors made fun of her being a cop. Priscilla’s mother told Priscilla she wanted her to be a princess which is why didn’t let her do chores. She took her to ballet, violin and piano classes but she chose to be a cop. Priscilla has a nightmare of her face being disfigured from falling down.



At the hotel,Edwin’s friend brought an illegal immigrant to Edwin. As the police arrived, She begged Edwin to help her. Priscilla saw the woman hugging Edwin on the bed and misunderstood him. Edwin told Priscilla he’s a cop but she wouldn’t believe him. Edwin’s friend picked up Edwin’s ID and showed to Priscilla. Priscilla remembered during their teenage year, Edwin used to make fun of Priscilla’s buck teeth. While eating dinner at the food stall, Edwin and his father saw some people criticize a server of being ugly. Edwin and his father yelled at them but then freaked out and ran after seeing the server’s face. Priscilla helped Edwin chase criminal Pan on the street. The criminal ran out on the street and got crashed by a van. The cops go to Raymond and Mandy’s neighborhood and ask around about Pan’s relatives.

Priscilla’s boss suggests a female cop to go undercover as a housewife to if any of the housewives are in cohort with Pan and the loan shark. Hugo will play the husband of the undercover. Priscilla told her boss she is willing to be the undercover. Hugo dined with Priscilla at the restaurant, they wanted to reserve a sweetheart food set but Edwin and his date already ordered the set. Edwin’s date and Hu Go left which caused Edwin and Priscilla to eat the sweetheart Wagyu beef dinner together. Edwin and Priscilla ate the blooded rare steak and got a stomach ache. At the police station, Priscilla eavesdrop at her colleagues talking about her and Hugo. Hu Go injured his foot at a ball game. Edwin replaces Hugo as undercover Priscilla’s husband.



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