Moon Fairy episode 25 recap

The fourth brother and the rabbit stole a fruit. Christopher’s brother asked the first brother to spare Fann after he accomplish his task. Christopher’s brother told Fann he truly loves her. Christopher’s brother asked Fann why is she so cold to him. Fann apologized to Christopher’s brother. He wishes everyday she is his wife. Christopher’s brother asked Fann if she promise to marry him, he will do anything for her. Christopher’s brother tries to rape Fann and looked at her crying and he left. The rabbit watches Christopher eating the fruit in the forest. Christopher got a headache and accused the rabbit of being a demon. The first brother laughed evilly. In the cabin, Fann’s sister sewed a clothe and asked Christopher what he thinks of it. Christopher freaks out. Christopher told Fann’s sister he saw the rabbit turn into a human and he had an illusion of a loving couple and her face was really mean. Fann’s sister told Christopher’s brother that the rabbit gave Christopher a fruit which caused him to regain partial of his memories. Christopher’s brother grabbed the rabbit and tries to kill her. The rabbit told Christopher’s brother she regret handing him over to Fann. Christopher’s brother let go of the rabbit and asked her to leave. Christopher’s brother fought with the dragon. The dragon possessed Christopher’s brother. The rabbit told Fann that it seems Christopher’s brother has a shadow of the dragon. At the cabin, Fann’s sister asked Christopher to marry her. Christopher called Fann’s sister a demon and shot an arrow at her. Christopher left. Christopher saw Fann has regain a bit of memories of their relationships. Then Fann showed the fruit to Christopher and asked him to eat the rest of it to regain full of his memories. Christopher had an illusion of Fann hand the fruit evilly. Christopher slapped Fann and throws the fruit and pointed the arrow at Fann. Fann and the rabbit ran. Fann said it’s time for her to leave. Christopher and her are not fated to be with each other. The first brother went to the earth and grabbed Christopher and pushed the fruit in his mouth. The first brother told Christopher if he hurts Fann again, he won’t spare him. Christopher regains all his memories. Christopher search for Fann. Fann is getting ready to leave the world. Christopher’s brother asked Fann to give him a chance.



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