Madam Cutie on Duty episode 2 recap

Edwin and Priscilla are under their boss’s order to work as undercovers. At the flat, Mandy, Kaki, and Rachel peeked at some men renovating the flat of the victim. Mandy told Kaki and Rachel she needed money to pay for her father in law heart surgery. Pan gave her a bad stock and she lost the stock. Rachel told Mandy she didn’t have the sum of money to pay for her son to study abroad. Kaki said she borrowed money for her Beauty House. They hope that Wan never wakes up from his coma. Mandy stared at the photos and thought of how Wan used to blackmail her. During dinner, Raymond told Mandy that his boss just fired his friend Fu when his wife was pregnant. Raymond got promoted but business is going down and he doesn’t have a raise. Edwin teased Priscilla of putting on make up. Edwin told Priscilla if she can solve the case using her beauty, he’ll chop his head off and let her kick it. Priscilla’s boss showed Priscilla and Edwin a love script for their background. They both looked at the scripts. Priscilla was like “A Japanese Drama Version? Edwin was like “A Korean Drama?. Priscilla’s boss showed them a romance movie. Priscilla leaned on Edwin’s shoulder. Edwin dreamt of kissing Priscilla. Edwin and Priscilla practice dancing. Priscilla fell. Priscilla practice falling backward while Edwin catch her. Priscilla try on her wedding dress. Edwin and Priscilla took wedding pictures. Edwin eat with his friend before the training. Priscilla packed her stuff for the camp. Priscilla’s boss give Priscilla a key and some stuff. Priscilla and Edwin walked together to Pan’s flat. As Mandy showed Priscilla her flat, some kids played with watergun. Priscilla grabbed the kids. Priscilla took off the cover and she and Edwin stared at their wedding portrait. As Mandy and Priscilla check their suitcases, they found out they’ve been swapped. Mandy saw Priscilla brand dress and tried it on. Mandy accidentally tore Priscilla dress. Priscilla rings the bell.




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