Madam Cutie on Duty episode 3 recap

Mandy’s daughter took the beloved pink pillow from Priscilla’s suitcase and hugged. Mandy hid her white dress in the close and return the suitcase to Priscilla. Priscilla opened her suitcase and found her clothes messy. Priscilla got a finger cut. Edwin put on the bed sheet for Priscilla. Priscilla asked Mandy if she seen her Mimi Pillow. Priscilla saw the Mimi doll in Mandy’s house and assumed her daughter took it. Priscilla demanded Mandy to return her Mimi Pillow. Mandy closed the door. Rachel burnt incense in front of Edwin and Priscilla’s flat. Priscilla’s boss gave Edwin and Priscilla an ipad which has the detail of the suspects. Priscilla’s boss told Edwin he’s giving him a dream job tomorrow. Edwin and Priscilla stared at each other taking naps. Priscilla saw a drip of urine in the toilet and confront Priscilla of not cleaning the toilet. Edwin complained to his boss about giving him an administration job. Priscilla ordered food but it was dinner time and the food ran out. It ran out of seat in the cafeteria and Priscilla sat by Kaki. The janitor accused Priscilla of gossipping and she believes in Mandy. Mandy tries to open the lock to sneak in Pan’s house. Edwin fixes the lightbulb for the housewife and eavesdrop at her saying she will meet someone at the fast food restaurant in the morning. Priscilla shops at the supermarket. Priscilla burnt her food while cooking in the kitchen and she ends up eating ramen noodles. Priscilla showed Edwin the video she recorded of Mandy and Rachel bribing. Edwin laughed and said he called her bias. At the Karaoke, the housewives showed Edwin their microphone and fought for the songs. Priscilla followed Mandy at the fruit stall. The store owner demanded her to pay for the fruit. Priscilla hid behind the jackfruit as Mandy looked from her back. After having fun singing, the housewives paid Edwin and left. Two colleagues told Priscilla’s boss they saw Edwin and Priscilla having fun during the mission. Edwin and Priscilla argued with each other. Priscilla fell on Edwin’s arms. Kaki, and Rachel saw it and applaud. Edwin and Priscilla complimented each other while squeezing each other’s faces.



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