Rambling thoughts about my background and my dramas!

You know sometimes I wonder if I should even be blogging about dramas when I see others

-Has a degree in East Asian Studies. Some blogs about dramas for their career.

-Is Born in Asia, they can Live Watch the Dramas as it airs.

-Fluent in their native language.

For me, I was born in Canada and I’m Vietnamese. My parents gave me asian dramas to watch in viet dubbed to improve my Vietnamese. I’ve only traveled to Vietnam once.

Sometimes I’m being looked down by Native Asians who were born in Asia, that I’m not Chinese so I shouldn’t be watching tvb series. What annoys me most is some are so competitive that we should compete about who watches more dramas than who.

I’m not sure why I blog about asian dramas when I don’t live in Asia. Asian Dramas aren’t popular in America. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m wasting time blogging about dramas.

I know some of my Asian American drama bloggers have stopped blogging because they feel it’s a waste of time. Sometimes I think if I should even blog about dramas since I’m neither a Native Asian or has a degree related to Asian Culture.

Actually America is different than the online blogging world. In real life, no one cares about who’s more knowledgeable than who about asian dramas. Not a lot of people watches asian dramas in real life. I do feel at times I shouldn’t create this blog so I wouldn’t be put down in the online world. I am an American Asian!

So why do I need to keep blogging about asian dramas?


11 thoughts on “Rambling thoughts about my background and my dramas!

  1. If you feel like blogging about Asian dramas you should definitely keep writing about them. It’s you who are writing about them, not someone else and if someone’s looking down at you it’s their own problem. If someone can’t deal with his own problems he starts looking down on others to feel inferior, so try not to pay attention to them. You are who you are and that’s what counts. Being Native Asian or having a degree on Asian Culture has nothing to do with enjoying dramas and writing about them, it’s always personal. Don’t let others’ negative thoughts interfere with who you are and ruin your mood 🙂

    • Yeah sometimes others are too harsh or too addicted when watching dramas that they put other people down when they feel others haven’t watched enough. They forgot watching dramas is just a hobby. Sometimes it makes me think who made them expert to judge others?

      • Indeed, it’s not a battleground! It’s supposed to bring like-minded people closer through sharing their opinions whether they agree or not in a constructive way! Don’t bother and keep doing what you like! 🙂

  2. I totally agree with Dramajjang’s Kwon Sang Seung and I think it’s great you’re watching dubbed TVB dramas and giving them some love! Maybe some recappers out there have degrees in East Asian studies and maybe some even get paid for blogging, but you know what? Props definitely go to bloggers like you too, who so consistently churn out recaps in your own time, uncompensated. It’s so great you’re sharing your passions and it’s bloggers like you are who have inspired me to try my own hand at recapping – even if nobody cares – just because! If it’s something you love and something you want to blog about, nobody should or can stop you except for yourself, I say!

    • Yeah bloggers who blog for a hobby also put a lot of effort on their recaps. Some do get paid to blog cause it’s their work. There are two types of drama bloggers in this blogging world. One who blog about dramas for their career, and one who is a hobbyist. Some were born in Asia and some were born in America which can cause view discrepancy.

  3. If you don’t have an interest in blogging about Asian dramas anymore, then stop doing it. But if you are still interested in it, and most importantly, enjoy blogging, don’t stop. Who cares if you have a degree in East Asian Studies (you wouldn’t be focusing too much on Asian dramas anyway) or whether you’re a native. The benefits of blogging is we’re all over the place and can reach an audience all over the world. If some people don’t care about what you’re writing, others will. There are many TVB bloggers and fans who are Viet too (at the top of my head, Lynne, Nancy who used to run TVB Shine, my AEE co-web mistress Niki and heck, MetalAZNWarrior of TVB Musings) and most of which have to watch series dubbed or with subs. I myself still need to rely on subs sometimes. I don’t think that makes me any less qualified to blog about them. A lot of bloggers have stopped, but it’s from either a waning interest in TVB or just growing up and not having the time. I still try to blog once in a while because I still enjoy it, and if I ever stop enjoying it, then I won’t force myself because now I just blog because I want to. 🙂 Hopefully you will continue to do so as well!

    • Thanks for your comment Iris! It did made me feel better. 🙂

      Yeah at times I do feel unqualified to drama blog when some Natives would say admins have to be chinese to blog cause they understand the chinese cultural contexts. But your comment did had an open view about reading the eng sub doesn’t make others inferior to those who can watch without sub cause after all we are all fans. :). Yeah Metalazwarrior and Lynne are also Vietnamese who blogs about tvb series. I also love them as my drama buddies.

      • I’m glad it made you feel better! 🙂

        There are quite a few things in Chinese that just don’t translate that well into English and some things that may go over your head if you don’t know the cultural context. But, that’s usually just small pieces of dialog and most TVB series aren’t going to be heavy with cultural context anyway. The most important part is you understand the plot itself – it’d be dumb to blog about the series if you didn’t understand what was going on the series itself (unless of course it was so bad the plot made no sense and you were poking fun at it, haha). For that, I don’t think you need to know the original language.

      • That’s why I don’t blog much about Mainland Dramas since most Mainland Dramas use plenty of Cultural Contexts if you understand what I mean. I think Mainland Dramas use more cultural Context than other asian dramas.

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