Difference between Vietnam and American

I’ve traveled to Vietnam for a month a few years ago, and this is what I’ve noticed.

In Vietnam.

– Students wear uniform or Ao Dai to school.

-There are no traffic lights. People ride mostly ride motorcycles. In America, there are traffic signs and lights.

-Vietnamese people are really blunt. If you are fat, they’ll call your fat. If you are ugly, they’ll call you ugly. In America, people are not as blunt.

-Respect: Vietnamese emphasize on family and respect their elders even if sometimes their elders are wrong they still have to obey. Americans let their children speaks up their mind and learn to be independent.

-If you’re an American Asian, Natives will assume you don’t know Vietnamese.

-In some of street washroom, people stick their hands together in the same waterbowl and wash their hands together which is pretty unsanitary. In America, there are separate washroom.

– There are rarely any fast food restaurants. Their French fries are pretty soft. I remember I miss the crispy french fries and the burgers in US.

– There are many food stalls and also many stall owners own a dog to keep their store. My suggestion is if you buy something, you should go to a mall instead of a stall on the street cause they have proper price tag labels. If you are a foreigner, you could get tricked by the stall owner when you bid on the price. They can charge you extra seeing you are new, unless you go with a Native Vietnamese who knows Vietnam well.

-Coconut water and Sugar Cane are a must drink when you visit Vietnam. Vietnam is known for fruits, you should eat those fresh fruits.

-There are two types of milk: Non sugar and sugar milk.

– The weather is really hot. People can wear pajamas on the street to work.

-Vietnamese celebrates their birthdays in Karaoke clubs.

– Some are really poor and were born with flat legs and have to crawl and beg other people to buy their lottery tickets.

-The asian shows on TV are viet dubbed FFVN. American Shows are viet subbed.

-To go to college, everyone has only one chance to pass the hard admission test or they will have to wait another year before they can retake the exam.

-Ban Than Market in Saigon is a fun place to visit.


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