Doll House episode 7 to 9 recap

Korean Movies and dramas keep on airing on MNET Channel. I’m ready to continue recapping more kdramas while watching it on Dramafever. 🙂


The maid asked Young Hee to keep impersonating Soo Jung, the professor’s daughter if she wants to live a rich life. Young Hee sneaks down to Soo Jung’s room. She saw Soo Jung’s uniform. She looked around the boxes and saw the fake Soo Jung being tied up. Young Hee reads the diary. The fake Soo Jung refuses to leave with Young Hee. Soo Jung asked Young Hee to do what she says. Young Hee ate breakfast with the professor and Soo Jung’s mom. Young Hee took Soo Jung’s mom to the plain for walk but a man grabbed Soo Jung away. Soo Jung’s mother recognized her daughter.


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