Madam Cutie on Duty episode 4 recap

Edwin grabbed Priscilla by the corner of the wall and sneaked peeked at his father talking to Kaki. Edwin’s father told Edwin he got promoted to be a security guard and he got a raise of seven hundred dollars. Raymond gave Mandy some money but she refuses and said she can be thrifty and take care of the household while he works. Mandy showed a picture of her and Raymond with two kids and said their daughter would like a sister. Raymond refuses since they don’t earn enough. As Priscilla returned home, she saw Edwin going to the bathroom leaving the door open. Priscilla listed some rules for Edwin. Edwin’s boss sent his colleague to help him as a security guard. Edwin thought of a nickname turnip and porkskin to attend the Fungso Beauty House grand opening without his father aware. At the grand opening, Mandy congratulates Priscilla of winning a prize as their customer and invited her for a massage.


Edwin peeked at the girl Maruko Chan at the ceremony. Mandy and Rachel put Rachel’s phone on a toycar and control it in Pan’s house to record. When the car reached Pan’s bag, the phone is dead. Edwin followed and watch Maruko Chan play in the arcade with a boy. The boy’s mother accused Maruko Chan of stealing his son’s ticket and said not wonder she doesn’t have a mother. Edwin came and defended Maruko Chan and said “You should have a good manner to model your kid, Auntie”. Edwin took Maruko Chan to eat. Maruko Chan asked Edwin if she married Priscilla because he knocked on her. As Kaki massaged Priscilla, she complimented her massage is good. Kaki thanked and said she picked up the technique from Mainland. She moved to Hongkong and worked part time. Her boss had to leave overseas so she sold the shop to her. Priscilla asked Kaki how much does the shop cost. Priscilla said she can borrow money from the loan shark, she asked Kaki where did she get the money. Hugo told Priscilla he ran a background check on Kaki, and he found out her husband is just an ordinary worker and her family in mainland are poor.


A gangster took some skincare product from Kaki’s shop without paying. The security guard arrived and asked Kaki if she remember him, he was her neighbor in her hometown. Priscilla saw Mandy’s phone on the floor and heard some noises in front of Pan’s house and she freaked out and knocked on Edwin’s door. Lights are off. Priscilla hugged Edwin and trembled and screamed. Maruko Chan walked toward them wearing Priscilla’s lipsticks.


Priscilla called her mom asking her for cooking advice. Edwin and Maruko Chan tasted Priscilla’s dishes. Rachel’s son argued with Rachel about paying his fee to study abroad. Rachel bought his son a new toy car and apologized for breaking his toycar. Rachel’s son got mad and said his toy car is special to him since his father gave him on his birthday before she divorced him. Priscilla heard a strange noise in front of Pan’s house. Priscilla asked Edwin to hear a a chant “Ambitabha”. Edwin and Priscilla sleeps in the same room while Maruko Chan sleeps on the other room. Edwin roared like a werewolf close to Priscilla and she kicked him. Priscilla holds her blanket and heard a strange noise again.



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