Moon Fairy episode 26 recap

Christopher’s brother tied up Fann. Christopher found Fann but she is about to be vanished. Christopher’s brother evilly laugh and said he can’t have what doesn’t belong to him. Fann’s sister cried and screamed. Fann’s sister’s hair turned white. Christopher picked up Fann’s ashes. Christopher’s brother fought with Christopher. Fann’s sister turns to an old lady and visited her father and said his daughter ran away from home, he should forget her. Fuxi showed her the cloth that her daughter sewed. Fann’s sister told Fuxi if she finds a good man, he will return home. Fann’s sister cooked for his father and drank with him. Fuxi cried and asked the old lady to tell his daughter to tell his daughter to take care. Fann’s sister bowed in front of his father while he’s sleeping. As Fann’s sister is about to kill herself, Fuxi prevented her. Fann’s sister apologized to her father for running away and being stubborn and she realized love can’t be forced. Fuxi asked his daughter if she knows what place Fann has the most memories with Christopher, so they can save her. Wong Mo got mad about Fann turning into dust, and she wants to kill Christopher. Fann’s sister tied up the rabbit and asked her to let her know where’s Fann’s soul. Fann’s sister gathered Fann’s ashes. Fuxi and Wong Mo grabbed the ashes and combined it with Christopher’s soul to find Fann’s soul. Christopher asked Fann to wake up. Christopher hugged Fann and asked her not to give up. Christopher’s tears fell on Fann’s arm. Fann wakes up. Christopher apologized to Fann and asked her to forgive him. Fann’s first brother fought with Fuxi. Wong Mo and Fann’s sister arrived with Fuxi. Christopher and Fann bowed in front of Wong Mo. Wong Mo told Fann that she died and live for Christopher. No one will be able to separate them again. Christopher and Fann and the villagers fought with a sect.



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