Love Bond episode 11 recap


Michael looked at the shining stars on the wall and thought of Anne. Natalie asked Michael how come he didn’t persuade Anne to stay. Michael said love is not as simple as she thinks. He is not destined to be with her. He has to respect her decision. Michael took the stickers down. Moses told Michael he has to throw away Anne stuff to forget her. It’s up to his feelings to forget her. Bernice ate her father’s congee and found it too plain. Bernice’s father’s boss gave Bernice’s father a resignation letter. A maid gave Bernice’s father a flower and an english letter. Kenix asked Fred to stay at home hanging out with their father. Paul cooked congee for Bernice, Kenix, and Fred. Fred went with his father to the library. Fred gave his father a newspaper and went into the bus to hang out with his friends.

Natalie whined that Oscar ate her chocolates. Michael explains to Natalie that there are some stuff that can’t be forced. Moses took Stephen to buy dating books. June sat on Moses’s chair and fell down. Moses replaces June working in Michael’s flower store. Kenix sat next to a woman whom coughed. Moses asked Kenix to switch places with him. Kenix and Moses accused the woman of molesting Moses. Moses told the woman to not talk so loud on the phone and cover her mouth when she cough. June gave Moses more work to do at work. Natalie announced to his family that she decided to drop out of the college since it’s too hard for her. Michael yelled at Natalie. Natalie cried. Michal talked to Natalie’s professor to let Natalie return to college. Michael told Natalie he dropped out of high school to work and raise her and his brothers but she dropped out of college. Natalie told Michael he is careless for not thinking of her feelings.


The landlord told Paul if he his free he can keep him busy instead of chatting with the clerk and gossip about her. Paul told the landlord she didn’t take off the old news of the building. She can’t just pick on others. Kenix is surprised that Moses know so much about tea. Moses carried the umbrella for Kenix during the rain. Bernice asked Kenix if she has any feelings for Moses for helping her. Moses went to Kenix’s teahouse during the storm and helped her fix the teahouse. The window broke, lights are out, and Moses bumped into Kenix.

Sword of the Outlaw episode 3 recap

Yan Zhuiyun meet up with an elder master and asked him about the fight between the sects and his sect ten years ago. The master told him that no one will tell him in this wuxia world. The elder master told Yan Zhuiyun there were two sects that always resolve problems between different sects. Something strange happened, people died one by one from a sect. The assassins from the sect wanted to kill other sects to rule the world. The leader of assassins died and the sect was taken over by another sect. The sect went in chaos. Other sects wanted to rebel against the sect. Some sect leaders told Zhaniyun that the sect leader didn’t want to hand out the manuel. Fengyi claimed she’s the sect leader and fought with the sect leaders. Yan Zhuiyun took Fengyi in the forest. Yan Zhuiyun asked Fengyi where did she learned the martial arts. Fengyi fought with Yan Zhuiyun. Dan Dan told the people to tell the sect leaders to fight with her for rewards. Fengyi went in the lady boss’s house and teased the lady who is tied up on the chair. The monk asked Yan Zhuiyun if he wanted to help the sect because he fell for the master’s daughter. Fengyi ate and drank with the master’s daughter. The master’s daughter said everyone has something they longed in life. As long as they have it then it will be enough. Fengyi said her father used to practice martial art all day, she was bored so she went to the mountain. She peeked at her father and now she is a skilled martial artist which is what she has. Her father got angry and didn’t want her to learn martial art. He’ll said he’ll find someone stronger to take care of her. The master’s daughter told Fengyi she is thrilled to meet her but don’t know how long they will be able to chat. The bodyguard told Fengyi’s servant to take care. A sect leader confronted another sect leader for causing his father to die. The two sect leaders saw an elder lady grieved about her son’s death. The sect leader read the letter of Xiao Qians killing the good but reward the evil. Xiao Qian attacked the master’s daugther, but Dan Dan defended the moves.


Love Bond episode 10 recap



Anne sat on rocking the chair in the balcon and stared at the star. Michael brought star dessert for Anne and said he’ll wait for her. Moses sent Kenix some flowers. Kenix doubts who gave her flowers. Bernice told Kenix it must be someone in her flat. Moses interfere in Kenix and Bernice conversation about her secret admirer. Bernice suggests Mose to buy Kenix a black rose. Bernice caught Mose buying the black rose. Mose told Bernice he planned to give Kenix less flowers each time and he’ll appear at the last minute. Michael helped Anne retrieved her email message. Anne looked at the photos on Michael’s phone and listened to her favorite song. Michael gave Anne a calligraphy and said he’ll cherish her. Michael and Anne listened to the radio news about the shooting star. Anne felt weak and slept in the hotel. Michael showed Anne a chocolate dessert he made as an incentive for her to drink the tea. Kenix meet Moses at the beach. Moses stood inside the fire heart circle and proposed to Kenix. Mose burnt himself by the candles. Kenix told Moses she doesn’t feel about him that way.

Paul’s boss brought his english speaking nephew to work. Paul’s colleague told Paul he saw his boss wrote a bad recommendation about him. Paul asked Bernice to translate his warning letter to his boss.


Michael and Anne sat on the grass and wait for the shooting star. Michael told Anne the shooting star represents their love. Michael is about to kiss Anne then a phone rung. Michael told Mose he will confessed to Anne tomorrow. Anne’s friend called Anne and said her boss has some project to give her. Michael prepared a love card. Michael sent Anne a bouquet of flowers. Anne told Michael she’s leaving to the airport to the States. Michael rushed to the airport searching for Anne. Anne stared at Michael. Anne apologized to Michael that her company in the states asked her to return. Michael held Anne’s hands and beg her to stay in HK and give them a chance. Anne told Michael she doesn’t want to force herself if they aren’t destined to be with each other when she has a future in the States. Anne apologized told Micahel she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore. Michael gave Anne a box of stars as a gift. One the plane, Anne look at the shooting stars photos and read Michael’s letter he regretted he disregarded her feelings and not cherishing her back then. He often took shooting stars thinking of her. Those shooting star photos are what he did for her to remember to cherish her. Anne stars at the shooting stars by the window. Michael stared at the shooting stars.

Sword of the Outlaw episode 2 recap

I’m not familiar with this drama nor the casts. But this drama is a drama I stumbled on and got hooked when watching it. It doesn’t have english sub but I want you guys to know about it so I took the challenge and recapping it. Wuxia Series are a lot harder for me to recap than modern dramas but I always recap it cause I love it and want to share the series I love.



The monk distributes food to the people. The majesty tried the congee and told his eunuch that the congee tastes pretty good. He gets to eat the food of the commoners. The commoners begged Yan Zhuiyun to stay with them. Yan Zhuiyun said they can follow the monk, cause he’s busy with another mission. The monk fought with Xiao Qian. Fengyi (Li Bing Bing) appears as a lady disguised into a male, fought with some guards. Another lady (Tien Hsin) visit her father whom is a magistrate and is crippled. Some sect surrounded the magistrate to rob him. A bodyguard came to arrest the sect leader for robbing. He said it’s the forty fourth time he robbed. The bodyguard told the magistrate that a magistrate’s house has been attacked by a sect and forty thousands people died. The bodyguard warned the magistrate to be careful of another sect attacking him. A magistrate told another magistrate that there’s a person Xiao Qian whom rewarded the evil and punished the good. They need to gather more troop to fight the evil sect. A sect came and wanted to take the magistrate’s daughter away to sell her. Xiao Qian came and negotiated with the sect leader. Xiao Qian told the magistrate’s daughter if she wants to live, she has to kill some of those slaves. The magistrate’s daughter refused. Xiao Qian left. Yan Zhuiyun critique some paintings with a magistrate. Yan Zhuiyun talks about some scholars who care for their future and work hard to help the government. Yan Zhuiyun said beautiful girls can’t help other cause they only have the looks. A lady played the harp. Yan Zhuiyun told the monk he’s a xia whom don’t want to interfere with the government affairs. A sect asked a blinded man to lead him to another sect. Fengyi flirted with some girls and eavesdrop on a sect.

Many Wuxia Series but so little time

There are so many old Wuxia Series I can find but not enough time to watch or blog. I only take my time to recap Wuxia Series I think are the best of the best in my personal opinion. Despite there are many Wuxia Series available, there’s not enough Wuxia bloggers out there.

At least I watched the first episode of Sword of Outlaw. Not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this blog or how much more Wuxia Series I’ll recap.

I’m currently almost done with the Treasure Venture and Moon Fairy recaps. In midway of Twin of Brothers and started first few episodes of Madam White snake 2001. Been putting Misty Love in the Palace and Magical Needle on hold due to lack of time.

Not sure if I will recap or watch:

-Legend of Dagger Li 1999 starring Vincent Jiao and Alyssa Chia.

-Seven Swordmen starring Vincent Zhao and Ada Choi

-Smart Kid starring Dicky Cheung and Li Bing Bing

-The Black Sabre

-Mysteries of Twin Sword

-The romance of the white hair maiden 1994

You know there are many and countless of Wuxia Series available but not enough bloggers nor time to blog.

I mostly recap old Wuxia Series cause I prefer watching it in Viet dubbed than eng subs. And old Wuxia Series were the golden era of Wuxia where there were so many Wuxia being produced. Nowadays there’s still new Wuxia Series but there are too many CGI and it’s not the same feel as the old days. I’m personally not a huge fan of Fantasy Wuxia Series using lots of CGI. Overall I recap old Wuxia Series cause it makes me feel nostalgic where back then I can watch almost every Wuxia Series being released without being selective.

Madam White Snake 2001 episode 5 recap

❤ Vincent Jiao, Christopher Lee, Fann Wong, and Zhang Yu Yan. This is another Wuxia Series with my favorite casts I enjoy recapping besides Ru Lai Shen Zhang.


The White Snake paid Xu Xian as her servant and said she’s now his boss and he has to listen to her. Xu Xian told the White Snake that Xu Xian was very elite when he was a child but gambling ruined his life. The White Snake believes that Xu Xian is smart and if he works hard he can be successful. Xu Xian read novels and accidentally bump into the library and the books fell down. The White Snake told Xu Xian’s servant that Xu Xian will learn to be more responsible by doing chores. The White Snake asked Xu Xian what he read. Xu Xian mumbles. The white snake ordered Xu Xian to study or else all he’ll have for dinner is plain rice. The white snake told Xu Xian if he wants to quit he has to be able to fight her. The white snake punched Xu Xian. Xu Xian read and fell asleep. Xu Xian told the white snake he’s not meant to study. The white snake told Xu Xian he’s a lazy bum who doesn’t try.

The lady boss in the brothel told Bai Shi Chang that the green snake left after her face has a scar. Jun Bao brought food for the green snake. The green snake cried and said she got kicked out of the brothel after her face has a scar. Jun Bao told the green snake though her face has a scar, she got to leave the brothel and be freed. Some gang came and ordered the green snake to leave the town right now. By the lake, the green snake wiped Jun Bao’s face. The green snake wash her face with the water from the lake and Jun Bao noticed the scar disappeared. The green snake asked Jun Bao to clean his feet in the lake and they’ve been healed. The green snake thanked the god. Jun Bao took the green snake to the temple to be a nun. The green snake told Jun Bao she rather serves those men at the brothel than being a nun.


Jun Bao walked in the market and saw the white snake and said the silvers she gave him were stolen from bandits and caused him to be a prisoner. Jun Bao searched for the green snake in the house. The white snake told Jun Bao he will ask the magistrate about it and she claimed she’s friend with the green snake. The white snake possessed the magistrate’s daughter body and talk to the magistrate’s wife. The white snake asked Bai Shi Chang’s wife if she remember the time when she was jealous of her daughter. Flashbacks of the white snake saved Bai Suzhenin the haunted house and used her body. The white snake told the Bai Shi Chang’s wife she doesn’t have to tell the green snake to leave the town. Bai Shi Chang’s wife asked the white snake when did she ever tell the green snake to leave the town. It is a rumor. The white snake told Jun Bao she thinks that the gang was sent by the lady boss to make the green snake leave since she’s afraid the white snake’s father will sue her. The green snake gave Jun Bao a good luck charm.


The little boy angel massaged the green snake. The green snake is happy to see Jun Bao though she haven’t won his heart. Jun Bao beat up the servant and went in the magistrate’s wife’s house. Jun Bao said his parents died and he was raised in the temple. The magistrate’s wife asked her servant to spy on Jun Bao. The green snake asked Jun Bao to look at her in the eyes. The white snake blinked but her power didn’t work on Jun Bao.

Sword of the Outlaw episode 1 recap

This is a drama I stumbled on and watch it.



The series starts with the struggle of the Ming Dynasty where people suffer from poverty. The magistrates watch the martial artists fight on canoe. Yan Zhuiyun (Chen Kun) killed a martial artist using his sword with a strike. He called his father in his mind that there were 38 sects who participated. There’s only 33 survivors but he only found seven. If the remaining 26 people don’t tell him the truth he will kill them to revenge for the death of his sect of one hundred and twenty members. Yan Zhuiyun fought with a sect member. The sect member told Yan Zhuiyun sometimes what he sees isn’t what is is. He doesn’t believe his sect hurt his sect and he forbids him to revenge. The sect member told Yan Zhuiyun they should work together to investigate this case.

The majesty pointed an arrow at the magistrate and asked him to act like a tiger while she shoots. The majesty asked the magistrate about Jian Nan being flooded but the magistrate hesitate. The Eunuch’s goddaugther fought with the sect member in the Japanese blossom. The majesty dressed as a commoner and visit the village and find the miserable life of the people different from what the magistrate said. The majesty’s eunuch asked the magistrate to admit his crime and he will plead for his guilt to the majesty. The magistrate wrote a farewell letter to the majesty and asked him to take care. The eunuch’s goddaughter attacked the majesty and the eunuch dressed in the black suit rescued her. The majesty’s eunuch blame the rebel scheme on the magistrate to the majesty.

Xiao Qian (Li Qian) distributes food for the slaves. Yan Zhuiyun prevented a monk from raping a lady and demanded him to release the girls. The monk admires Yan Zhuiyun of killing the kidnappers. The monk followed Yan Zhuiyun and asked him to be his master.

Thankful of my family

I’m thankful of my parents and family to show me good asian dramas when I was a child. Without them I wouldn’t know about asian dramas. I’m thankful of

My parents for renting lots of Wuxia tapes since they were big fans of Wuxia novels and 80s and 90s Wuxia Series. Be it Legend of Condor Heroes, Return of Condor Heroes, Demi God and Semi Devil, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain and Duke of Mt.Deer.

My dad is a big fan of Carmen Lee and Demi God and Semi Devil 96 and Return of Condor Heroes 95. He really likes Duke of Mt.Deer 1984 with Tony Leung and Andy Lau and Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1985. He also likes Lui Shi Shi and Bu Bu Jing Xin, and the Korean Drama Temptation of Wife.

My mom recommended me Chor Lau Heung and Heroic Legend of Yang Family. My mom’s a fan of Flora Chan, Moses Chan, Kate Tsui, and Song Hye Kyo. She is a fan of Korean Drama Full House and Emergency Couple.

My aunt is a big fan of State of Divinity and Legend of Condor Heroes novel. She recommended me God of Honour and those mythical series. My aunt’s a big fan of fantasy mythical series. My aunt favorite actress is Gigi Lai and Esther Kwan.

My parents watches Korean, Taiwanese and Mainland Wuxia, and TVB Series.

My aunt watches Korean, TVB, Taiwanese Ancient Series, and Vietnamese Dramas.

Yeah without my parents, I wouldn’t know about Wuxia.

And shoutout to my Wuxia Buddies Jerome and Wuxia Rocks, and SPCNET. for also growing up with lots of Wuxia and TVB Series, though I used to also discuss about Wuxia Series with various fans.

Some of my favorite Wuxia blogs I recommend.

-A Virtual Voyage