Madam Cutie on Duty episode 5 recap


Priscilla stood in front of the tv and confronted Maruko for making creepy noises last night. Edwin asked Priscilla to pick up Maruko from school. Maruko confessed her mother stashed the keys on the top of the steel gate. In the cafeteria, Rachel sighed to Mandy and Kaki that she lost her son’s toy car remote. The housewives told Maruko to be careful of being accused of stealing Priscilla’s stuff. Edwin joked that Maruko is stealing his heart right now. The housewives gossipped that Edwin doesn’t make much as a plumber but Priscilla doesn’t go to work but wear brand clothes. Maruko took lots of sauce packets from the cafeteria and said she took it so her mom can use it at home. Priscilla took the sauce packets and said those packets are for people to use it and not for her to steal it. Mandy interrupted and said Maruko needs them. Priscilla called Mandy a bad role model to her daughter and gossipped to those housewives. Mandy denied of stealing her pillow. Edwin took Priscilla away.


Rachel used a fishhook to pick up the remote in Pan’s house. As they got it, a security guard called out. Priscilla checks in Kaki’s phone while she leaves away for a moment. Priscilla’s colleague came. Priscilla ordered her colleague to spy on Kaki. Priscilla and Edwin’s father encountered each other. Edwin’s father told Priscilla she’s pretty but too bad his son got a boyfriend or else he would introduced her to him. Edwin’s father confronted young teenagers dancing. The teenagers revenged by pushing the escalator button. Priscilla and her colleague tried to hold Edwin’s father but he tripped. Priscilla realized she forgot to pick up Maruko. Edwin scolded Priscilla. The housewives are all anxious. Priscilla saw a flyer that a chinese male wearing a glasses took her. Mandy sent a code to all housewives in town to search for Maruko. Priscilla cooperate with Mandy to find Maruko. Priscilla and Mandy pretend to argue with each other in front of the man with the glasses. The man with the glasses pointed a knife toward them. Maruko stomped on the man’s food and ran with Mandy. Priscilla grabbed the man and slapped him. The man threw flour on Priscilla’s face. The man is about to stab Priscilla’s face but Edwin threw a pineapple at him and fought. Priscilla stared at Edwin intimately. Edwin put some flour on the man’s face and asked Priscilla to go. Maruko’s mother picked up Maruko.


Maruko hugged Edwin and said when she grows up, she wants to marry him if Priscilla ever divorces him. At the photo booth, Priscilla’s boss told Priscilla and Edwin if they want to separate, they have to crack the case faster. Priscilla stood in front of Pan’s house and whispered to Rachel that there’s a ghost chant inside. Mandy and Rachel threw two buckets of water on Pan’s flat and asked Priscilla to check Pan’s flat. Edwin broke the chain. Mandy and Rachel walked in Pan’s flat and took their stuff. As the housewives eavesdrop Priscilla and Edwin in the cafeteria, Priscilla pretends to whisper to Edwin she saw Pan woke up alive from the coma in the flat. Rachel, Mandy, and Kaki checks on Pan at the hospital and were shocked when the nurse told them he got transfered. Mandy thought about how she couldn’t find the photos in the bag. Mandy held a knife and walked toward a patient’s room mistaking he was Pan, she begs for forgiveness. Priscilla’s boss gave Edwin and Priscilla some photos of the suspects.


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