Treasure Venture episode 22 recap


The cashier told Wuma that Yiniang waited for him the whole night but she left. Yiniang came and asked Wuma to recite his poem aloud. The emperor smoked cigar. Yu Lung requested the majesty three favors, to enter the palace, to be in charge of the case, and transfer Eunuch Cao away. Jian Ping asked Ruo Han to persist to live for her. Ruo Han told Jian Ping he hopes he is Xiao Long but he hopes he wasn’t the person who killed his father. Happy to hear Jian Ping’s father told him he would be the perfect son in law for Jian Ping, Yu Lung would like to solve the case faster.


Jian Ping tried to generate energy for Ruo Han. Yu Lung barge in the room and told Jian Ping she disappointed him protecting an assassin and sleeping with him. Ruo Han told Yu Lung he misunderstood, Jian Ping was just trying to heal him. Yu Lung asked Ruo Han what kind of potion did he use, and why every ladies who meet him fall for him. Yu Lung told Jian Ping “Jian Ping, you know Ruo Han is Eunuch Cao’s disciple whom who killed your father and Ruo Han killed the elder monk”. Jian Ping promised Yu Lung that if she finds out Ruo Han kill anyone else, she won’t spare him. Yu Lung finds himself useless. Yu Lung asked Jian Ping if she regrets being with Ruo Han. Jian Ping said sometimes love can’t be forced. Yu Lung told Jian Ping she is so blinded by her love for Ruo Han.. Jian Ping asked Yu Lung if he is even more lovesick, why wouldn’t he let it go. Ruo Han told Jian Ping that Yu Lung, whom is standing in front of her is the second prince who is also the one who was engaged to her arranged by the majesty. Yu Lung told Ruo Han “Ruo Han, you know Jian Ping hates royalty, do you want Jian Ping to hate me even more so you can feel better.” Ruo Han told Jian Ping that Yu Lung hid his identity and was willing to suffer with her trying to find ways to rescue her father. He wanted to use his true feelings to make her feel touched. His sacrificed for her is not only to be with her. Ruo Han told Yu Lung he just wants Jian Ping to know his feelings and sacrifice. Ruo Han told Yu Lung he can’t sacrifice as much for Jian Ping, so he is the winner in this love triangle. Yu Lung told Ruo Han she is pitying him. He will use his ability for Jian Ping to fall for him. Ruo Han told Jian Ping it’s time for them to separate. They belong to two different world. If she never ran away from the wedding, Yu Lung wouldn’t work hard to save her father, and he would still be an assassin.


Eunuch Cao called Wuji useless and find Ruo Han for him. If anything happens to Ro Han, he will die. Jian Ping daydream of RUo Han in front of Wuma. Jian Ping watch Yu Lung drinking. Jian Ping hopes Yu Lung will help her father. Yu Lung hopes Jian Ping speak to him. Jian Ping feels guilty asking Yu Lung for help. Jian Ping walked away. Yu Lung yelled and said “Jian Ping you are so heartless for leaving me without saying a word. Do you want me to die in front of you to make you feel better”. Jian Ping’s father is about to be executed. Jian Ping hugged Wuma that she will be fine saving her father. Yu Lung wakes up realizing he is late and ran to the execution scene. Jian Ping wants to sue Eunuch Cao of hurting the innocent. Eunuch Cao ordered the guards to bring the nail board.


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