Twin of Brothers episode 29 recap



Raymond apologized to Li Qian for letting her wandering around with her with barely any food. Li Qian said there’s fish and food which is enough. She doesn’t regret suffering with him and they must help each other during this harsh situation. Waise play chess with the princess and said sometimes living a simple life is enough. The princess back up and lend a chess move for Waise. Waise told the princess they belong to two different sides. They’ll continue this game next time. The captain brought three of Raymond’s soldier and deals with Raymond to surrender. Raymond decided to surrender. Waise and his sect helped Raymond and offer to collaborate with Raymond and his sect to go to war against Raymond’s girl friend’s father. Waise told Raymond that they were previously enemies but in the war, there’s no forever enemies. Raymond agrees to collaborate with Waise. Raymond plans to wait till his power grow stronger then he’ll get rid of Waise to revenge for Christine.

Ron held Leila’s hands and promised not to part with her again. Leila persists to get rid of her dark powers. Ron told Leila that night he was with Nancy, he kissed her. But he knows he still loves Leila more. Leila asked Ron to choose where his heart belongs. Ron told Leila he must believe in him that he loves the most. Leila left Ron and said she will let him calm down and understands his feelings. Raymond’s girl friend asked Raymond to take her away. Raymond told his girl friend he did betray her uncle. Raymond apologized to his girl friend for using her love and it was all a scheme to rebel against her uncle. Raymond’s girl friend asked Raymond if her sacrifice isn’t as big as Li Qian. Raymond told his girl friend to leave since he is preparing to go to war against her uncle. Raymond’s girl friend told Raymond she hates him forever for giving her high hopes then hurting her. Li Qian saw Raymond and told him he is a jerk for using his girl friend and hurting her. Raymond and his troops broke in at the gate. Raymond stabbed and killed the captain. The captain’s troops surrender and sided with Raymond and his sect. Raymond and his sect surrounded his girl friend and her uncle. Raymond’s girl friend father told Raymond “You can kill me but I would like to ask you to spare my niece”. Raymond stared at her and spare them and left.


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