Doll House episode 10 to 12 recap

The maid grabbed Young Hee in time and took Soo Jung’s mother and her back in the house. The girl told the maid she’s even scarier than Soo Jung’s mother. Soo Jung wakes up and ran away as the man is about to bury her. The professor told the man he known him for a long time but he made too many mistakes. He asked him to be good to his wife. Young Hee read a book to Soo Jung’s mother, then saw the maid and ran upstairs to the room. Young Hee ran into the woods and saw the girl impersonating the professor’s daughter. The girl told Young Hee she wants to die next to her mom. Young Hee told the girl that her mother won’t recognize her. The girl recalled her nightmare of being kidnapped in the house. As the maid gave a drug to Soo Jung’s mother, Byung Ta approached her and pointed a knife toward her neck. Byung Ta told the maid that she is using his father for money. The maid told Byung Ta she didn’t use his father’s love though. The professor knocked Byung Ta down. Buyng Ta’s father killed the fake Soo Jung and bury her. Byun Ta told Young Hee to walk through the back door and follow the marks in the forest to the escape path. Young Hee looked at the tree with the marks on the right side and the tree without the marks on the left side and followed the tree without the marks. She encountered the professor. Young Hee begged the professor to spare her and let her go. The professor told Young Hee that for all the sins he committed with the girls, he will pay back in the house. “You can go back to your room Soo Jung. I’m sorry, it’s not time yet.”. Byung Ta’s father walked by Young Hee and she got freaked out and jumped down the cliff. Byung Tae holds the flashlights and waits for a new girl. A new girl arrived at the creepy house impersonating as Soo Jung, the professor’s daughter. They cycle repeats.


The End!


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