Love Obstacle in kdrama couples

Do you fantasize being in kdrama with your eye candy? Be careful, it many not be easy as it seems. You have to pass through some tests. You know that quote in Disney Movie the Little Mermaid when King Triton told Ariel “He’s a human you’re a mermaid?”. Lead couple has many obstacles near the end which cause the lead to separate then end back together.

-Evil Mother in Law: This is shown in many kdramas where the mother in laws despite the female lead as poor and not coming from a wealthy family.

-Time Traveling: In Queen in Hyun’s man, different timezone makes it hard for the couple to be together.

-Friendship or siblings: In Prince’s first love, two brothers love the same girl.In Full House, Young Jae left Ji Eun cause of a promise he made to be with Hye-won. In My Girl and Boys Over Flowers, two best friends love the same girl.

-Born to be enemies: In Prosecutor Princess: Hye Ri’s father framed In-Woo’s father. In-Woo uses Hye Ri for revenge but later they fall for each other.

-Rumors: In Flower Boys Next Door, video game designer Enrique is pressured by fans for not being with Dok Mi. Dok Mi left Enrique so he can focus on designing his video game. In Lie to me, a lie by Ah Jung at work cause her to be in trouble. She left Ki-Joon until their work are settled. In my girl, Yoo-rin pretends to be Gong-chan’s cousin but later fall for him.

What other obstacles you can find which made the lead couples almost not end up together?


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