Doll House Review

Doll House is another Korean Web Series co-produced by Dramafever besides Love Cell. It’s a mystery thriller with lots of loophole since the plot is so mini.

The series is about a professor teaching orphans. The orphans come in his mysterious house located in the forest, and every girl who comes in are not able to get out. Freaky Huh?

– The series starts with the main girl character Young Hee (Sun Joo Ah) arriving at the professor’s home. The maid asked her to dressed in her school uniform. With curiousity, she walked down the basement and saw some farewell comments from some of the orphan girls who previously came into the house and died.

-The maid has a new girl impersonating the professor’s daughter (whom died beside her mother) whenever the old girl is no use. The professor’s wife turned crazy. The maid gives the professor’s wife some drug to keep her in hallucination state. The maid and her husband and her son Byung Tae (Jung Hee Chul) collaborate with each other to con the professor’s money. At times Byung Tae asked his mother not use Young Hee and his father due to his morals. Byung Tae is semi evil. He is on his mother’s side but always conflicted with what’s right and wrong.

-In the end of the series, Byung Tae even helped her mother to lure Young Hee to her death.

-If this series could elaborate more on the professor and the family’s background, the plot would be more clear. But I guess the writer wants the family to stay mysterious. Perhaps someday a female orphan could escape from this mysterious house. It’s a mysterious family in a haunted house. haha.

For acting, Byung Tae and the maid has the most outstanding acting. They really do make me scared with their looks.

Rating: Decent series but could be better.


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